«Мама, я полюбила бандита»: почему звезды выбирают мужчин с криминальным прошлым Sometimes famous women are not afraid of even the prospect of meeting a life partner through the bars. They are willing to put up with gossip and with the sadness of separation, if blessed to have stumbled. Often popular actress believe in the innocence of their elected representatives.
«Мама, я полюбила бандита»: почему звезды выбирают мужчин с криминальным прошлым

Celebrities often repeat, that in men I appreciate kindness and tenderness. However, they do not mind if the lover is crime. For example, Tatyana Ovsienko few years waiting for release her fiancé from prison, and Ekaterina Klimova and is considered a criminal case against the former wife of Igor Petrenko mistake of youth. Maria Maksakova put up with illegal ex-husband, Vladimir Tyurin, Natalia Volkova left a career and was divorced to link their lives with the actor and presenter Vladimir Dolinsky, who served time in prison. “StarHit” decided to tell about the stars of show business who took the dark past of the elect and of those who did not turn away from loved ones when they were tried for violation of the law.

Tatiana Ovsiyenko

The star of the ‘ 90s met with a businessman Alexander Merkulov in 2011. Then they both spent summers in the Crimea. Tatiana knew immediately that it was love at first sight. Literally in 12 months the owner has made an offer Ovsienko. The couple had no idea the challenges they will have to go through to twist a family nest. First, it turned out that the man is married. And although the singer he had long lived separately from his wife, yet the marriage is officially terminated, he was not.

Six years ago Merkulov accused of crime of complicity in the murder. Alexander sent to jail, although his lawyer sought relaxation of the conditions for the suspect and reviewing the case. Ovsienko couldn’t believe it. A strong-willed woman helped beloved with all his strength. The singer has given dozens of concerts for one month to received the fees to spend on defense.

Three years later, the arrested were released, and in 2016 Merkulova again sent to the detention center. This time for six months. This separation literally broke Tatiana. In an interview, she admitted that there is nothing worse than being away from a loved one.

“Separation is a thing very cruel. She is relentless. The inability to touch your loved one to smell it. My life was turned on its head. I don’t understand how it is to live. I am very hurt, and the pain persists. I am constantly crying and asking higher powers why as soon as I started to feel that love me, all of this happened?” – told Ovsienko.

In may 2017 Alexander was released from “Matrosskaya Tishina”, where he spent 10 months instead of the expected six. Now nothing prevents the lovers to get married. It should be noted that to create a family Merkulov is as simple as that and Ovsienko. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the singer admitted that her future husband decided to confess to the solemn and long-awaited event for both. Man and woman plan to marry soon.

Beloved Tatyana Ovsienko confesses in the cave before the wedding

«Мама, я полюбила бандита»: почему звезды выбирают мужчин с криминальным прошлым


The wedding of Jasmine and her spouse, businessman Ilan Shor was the most loud and luxurious in Moldova. They were married in 2011. For the star’s second marriage. As recognized by the singer, she felt absolutely happy. Celebrities, and could not imagine that five years later she would have to visit a chosen in prison.

At the end of June last year my husband Jasmine, businessman Ilan Shor, detained in Moldova. First it was about the 72-hour arrest. It seemed to be a bad dream. The actress said in those days that he believes in the innocence of the wife and hopes for a speedy resolution of the issue. But time passed, and the situation has deteriorated. According to recent reports, the husband of the star faces 7.5 years in prison. Investigators believe that the businessman was involved in the theft of funds from three banks totaling $ 700 million.

“It’s a complete misunderstanding! I believe that the Prosecutor exceeded his authority. For me it’s a shock, but I really hope that everything will be resolved,” said the singer in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

Proizoshedshie immediately became public. The stars of show business morally helped Jasmine. Many are familiar with Ilan Shor and, as well as a singer, believe in his innocence. Olga Orlova, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov and others staged a flash mob in support of men. Recently the singer shared with the subscribers of new experiences. She is seriously concerned for the health of the spouse, which has deteriorated sharply against the background of the trials because of trial.

Jasmine about prison time wife: “I’m worried about his health”

«Мама, я полюбила бандита»: почему звезды выбирают мужчин с криминальным прошлым“Now I am very worried not only for the decision of the court – here’s the truth on our side – how much for health Ilana. This entire process and all the injustice can anyone morally to suppress. Ilan yesterday was again a bad heart, called an ambulance. Our children are also very worried about dad… But at least now, after the unjust house arrest Ilan finally free, and now for us begins the real fight for our good name and justice! We are ready to fight on, and I believe that this nightmare will soon be over,” wrote the singer in Instagram.

Maria Maksakova

The first civil husband of the Opera star Vladimir Tyurin had a long time to achieve it. Many years ago he saw Mary on TV and realized that was the woman for him. Maksakova has repeatedly recalled in an interview that the crime boss literally days and nights stalking her in the Moscow garden “the Hermitage”, and when they met, was unable even to speak a word. The energetic man did not give up and sent a friend to him that had invited the singer out on a date.

When I first met with Maksakova Tyurin led not the most righteous deeds. Is the celebrity recently confessed that he regretted the relationship with crime boss. But the singer clearly remembers what it was conquered by the man. Vladimir beautifully looked after her. Then the singer is not so firmly stood on my feet financially, and men’s support was needed. In addition, the celebrity is ripe for the birth of the child. And then, after another offer of marriage Mary replied, “Yes.” However, officially, the pair did not formalize the relationship.

Vladimir a celebrity lived in a civil marriage until 2011. Then he was the head of the brotherly OPG. Some time later Maksakova realized that their Union was a mistake and tried to end the relationship. As admitted the singer, it was not easy. Husband didn’t want to let her go.

Criminal record the head of the family was reminded of myself just at this moment. In autumn 2010, Tyurin was arrested on charges of creating a criminal Association and money laundering. Two years later, the businessman was released by his lawyers managed to prove to the court that he has long been engaged in legal business. However, Maksakova never resumed relations with the civil husband.

Have Maksakova Turina and two children: Elijah and Lyudmila. Ex-husband of Opera diva adores children. Currently raising my son and daughter more engaged in Vladimir, Maria.

Grown-up children of Maria Maksakova made a splash on the scene


The actress recently literally beamed with joy when told in an interview about beloved Boris Livanov. It did not bother, that the chosen one was serving a sentence in prison for murder. The man was released in 2014.

The love between an actress and writer broke out a few months ago, although the man and the woman talked for two years. The artist said that the novel began in the Network. Then replace the correspondence came to telephone conversations.

Criminal records boyfriend Scarecrow family actress and her fans. Maria said with a suitor she met long before he violated the law, as a student. Then both studied at the Shchukin school. According to celebrity life drove them apart and back together many years later. And the Boris recently openly admitted that he was in love with Mary since his youth, but it took him decades to realize it.

«Мама, я полюбила бандита»: почему звезды выбирают мужчин с криминальным прошлым

Recently Golubkina and Lebanon stunned recognition about the breakup. The writer openly talked about it to his followers. Boris noted that this is temporary. He is convinced that Mary is now a difficult period in life and work. She is preparing to sing the role of Anna Ivanovna in the performance “the Crystal Palace” with soloists of the Bolshoi theatre. This requires of the artist a full commitment, so the man and the woman is better some time to live separately.

The writer also admitted that the outbreak of passion between him and Maria were like youthful infatuation. After a period of complete oblivion and euphoria had to return to the present and to solve a number of important issues. Fans Golubkina upset. Because the matter went to the wedding, and Mary has managed to acquaint the elect with 19-year-old daughter Nastya and mother Larisa Golubkina.

The actress also commented on the break with loved ones. It does not exclude that someday will become my wife Livanov, however, it is too early to go to the Registrar. They still need to get to know each other before marrying.

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov went to the registry office for the sake of laughter

«Мама, я полюбила бандита»: почему звезды выбирают мужчин с криминальным прошлым

Ekaterina Klimova

Today, the actress is happily married with a colleague Gela Meskhi. However, ten years of life she devoted to the famous artist Igor Petrenko, who was married and who gave birth to two sons – Matthew and Corneille. A celebrity is not troubled criminal past of the elect.

The actors met while studying in the “Sliver”, but the relationship between them began only in 2003. It was an office romance. In the period of Catherine and Igor suggested role in the TV series “the Best city of the Earth.” After 12 months the couple decided to legalize the relationship.

Klimova knew in his youth, Petrenko stumbled and had big problems with the law. Back in 1997, future celebrity, who was still a normal teenager, became a defendant in a criminal case and was held by him as a partner. It was about premeditated murder of a Yegor Lopatko, who owed a large sum of money to the organizer and perpetrator of the crime. Petrenko spent a year in the Matrosskaya Tishina jail. After this he was appointed on probation to eight years in prison.

Igor doesn’t like to recall this episode in the life of. Even when the Network got a document from the criminal case confirming his participation in the crime, he tried to get away from talking about his past. The actor stressed that the mistakes of youth can hurt him in his career.

«Мама, я полюбила бандита»: почему звезды выбирают мужчин с криминальным прошлым

Today it is difficult to judge why the most beautiful couple in Russian cinema is still broke. In one period the actors said that the lost interest to each other, the other claimed that the reason the complex nature of Igor Petrenko. However, we know that a man and a woman repeatedly tried to save the Union, at least for young children. During the regular spats Catherine admitted that may not even be in the same apartment with her husband and therefore was forced to move with the children.

In 2014, Igor Petrenko and Ekaterina Klimova divorced.

Natalia Volkova

the actress happily married with a famous host and actor Vladimir Dolinsky. A man and a woman met exactly 30 years ago. Since then they are inseparable.

Back in 1987, the artist had served in the theater “Nikitinsky gate”, was rehearsing for a role in the play “Tevye the milkman”. The troupe was joined by Vladimir. At that moment Natalia was married, dreamed of being popular, but the emergence of Volodya turned her life around. Suddenly, for all others, first of all for the family, the actress has filed for divorce. And soon formalized marriage with Dolinsky.

Aspiring actress did not bother the dark spots in the biography of cheerful young men. It turned out that the comedian spent four years behind bars. Vladimir Dolinsky was convicted in 1973 for foreign exchange transactions and was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Thanks to the lawyers, and bustled him to the friends of the prisoner released on the year before.

Having met the actor, Natalia Volkova realized that it was the man in her life. For him she left her acting career. In the biography of the artist still appear in only two films. And it should be noted, the woman was not mistaken. Dolinsky and Volkov on this day, happy, raised a daughter Pauline, and Mary, born from the first marriage of the actress.