«Мама» Гарри Поттера снова обогатилась за счет своего чада
JK Rowling has become the richest writer in the world.

JK Rowling


According to a recent rating compiled by the authoritative edition of Forbes, Rowling has become the richest among writers all over the world. Only
last 12 months she managed to earn $ 95 million. Otherwise
speaking, her Bank account every minute was supplemented by $ 180.

52-year-old Joan managed to push the recent favorite of rating – author of the popular
thrillers James Patterson, who earned over the same period “only” 87 million,
on the second place. And the author of books on James Langdon — Dan brown — had to settle for
modest fourth place.

Such a huge amount Rowling managed to obtain, mainly due to
her new play “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, which is an incredible success
was put on stage one of the London theatres. After she
only was delivered from the printers to bookstores, only the first three
the day it was sold 680 thousand copies of creations Joan. A sound addition to earned
the amount of turned around and a new publication of the entire novel series about Potter, rich
the picture and timed to the 20th anniversary of the release of the first novel

Not much less brought Rowling writing screenplay for “Fantastic beasts and where they live” —
spin-off of Harry Potter, released in November last year. Recall that currently
full swing work on the sequel to “Fantastic beasts…”, manuscript
whom created, of course, also Joan. However, the amount of compensation paid to her for
this work was not factored into the rankings because he has not got
the designated time interval.