Мама Фриске: «Если бы Жанна была здорова — она бы вышвырнула Диму!»
Parents of Jeanne shared memories of the popular singer.

Olga and Zhanna Friske

Photo: Instagram

Very soon, June 15,
will mark one year since the death of Jeanne Friske. Relatives of Jeanne and her friends
gathered in the Studio of the show “Tonight” and shared their memories of
singer. Most of all good words in address of Joan mentioned her mom — Olga. It
told about the childhood of popular singer and how her career began.
However, when we are talking about Dmitry Shepelev mood of Olga has changed dramatically.

“If she’d still be alive —
she would have thrown him out of the house. I even talk about it do not want! I’m her mum and know this for a fact!” — said the mother
Jeanne. According to her, she realizes that the family conflict is to blame for two
sides, but to reconcile with the behavior of Dmitry can not. “14 June 2015, he
we have asked the passport of Platesi. And left. He knew that Jeanne was leaving.
But still took Plato and gone, — with tears in his eyes said she, Now
Dima lives his life, Jeanne, for him, had died long ago. I dimina mother is not
so long ago said, “Never our baby won’t be in your house!”

Father Friske Vladimir
Kopylov was also present in the Studio. He admitted that he regrets his
the behavior in the past. “I’m a little cold. But then someone had to get up
to protect our family…” — he said. He also added that all questions on
about guardianship over the son of Jeanne — Plato is now governed exclusively by

But about the missing millions “Rusfond”
speech, for some reason, not gone. However, it is not excluded that to disclose information about
investigation of funds collected for treatment Janna, are not yet allowed investigation.

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