Mom Elina Kamiren survive a complex operation

Мама Элины Камирен пережила сложную операцию Elena decided on rhinoplasty. She went to the surgeon Tigran Aleksanyan, who had previously treated her daughter Elina. According to relatives Kamiren, everything went well and now she has a long rehabilitation.
Мама Элины Камирен пережила сложную операцию

Life of a mom of a model and TV presenter Elina Kamiren swing. Recently Elena became the owner of their own property for 9 million rubles in Sochi and has now taken over his appearance – before moving the woman decided to rinoplastica.

“To think about the operation, I was for a long time, – says Elena with “StarHit”. – Enthusiasm added to the fact that a few months ago, her daughter Elina did a rhinoplasty, which is also long dreamed of and was very pleased with the result.”

For a new nose, Elena went to the same doctor that operated on her daughter – to the surgeon Tigran Aleksanyan to the clinic “Art-Plastic.

“He has a very busy recording and had to wait almost two months to get him on the operating table, – says Elena. – During this time, of course, I was able to brace myself… However, on the advice of Tigran Albertovich said that the surgery I don’t really need and suggested how to think. But I already had a fighting spirit, and we decided that the operations to be, because I want to be the owner of more subtle and elegant nose than I was.”
Мама Элины Камирен пережила сложную операцию

The doctor warned Elena that the operation will be challenging: the skin of her nose is very dense and porous, which can lead to aggressive scarring. “But it didn’t stop me, because I’m sure in the professionalism of Tigran Albertovich, – says Elena. And I do not regret that took this step. The surgery went great, I did not notice that they gave me anesthesia and I passed out. Waking up an hour later, did not feel any discomfort. Perhaps in the future his nose will ache, but it is natural in this case.”

Now Elena expects the rehabilitation period – from six months to a year, the nose will “stand up” and finally assess the result of the operation will be possible only in the following December.

Мама Элины Камирен пережила сложную операцию“Now, two weeks will go to the clinic to change langetti and tampons, – says Elena. I’m sure now my life will begin a new round. Wait, when do the bandages come off and I will be able to see the beauty that you have created Tigran Albertovich. I will keep you updated followers of his blog and show them what is happening to me change.”