Мама Ефимовой: «Юля уже готовится к следующей Олимпиаде»

Yuliya Efimova compared the situation at the Olympics in Rio with the war. Woman’s Day has learned the mother of the swimmer, came to her rumble “battle”.

— Julia is not in the habit of complaining to me, most often it supports the dad – coach Andrew M., he was next to her, ” says the mother of the sportswoman Tatyana. — I have a daughter from news learn. Before the Olympics I heard that its not allowed – just a wild pain in the heart. Managed to call a neighbor, so she called an ambulance. Came obkololi better. While this whole situation lasted, I was constantly with the pressure. But I’m only 54 years old! Recently saw dad Yulin gives an interview on TV, and wondered how he passed for the last six months. Apparently, oldoneeye scandals and its “squeezed”. Before starts wrote them in Skype, not hoping for an answer: “Hold on, my dear. I’m with you.” What else could for Yulia to do? Just pray, even though I’m not a believer.

Have you noticed that, taking a second silver Julia smiled, was cheerful and spiritualized? A thought: why is it after the first victory cry? I’ll tell you. The daughter was upset, not because of the fact that I did not take the gold, but because of the atmosphere that was around her. Simply put, not lost his nerve. 5 August, she got a permit, and the 6th began preliminary heats. Where they lived with dad, what to eat and how to train, and do not want to remember. How can there be peace? Yes, rival tainted blood. On the podium after the medals on the first day she walked in the tail, the girls congratulated her, the stands whistling… And now? The fans supported in all languages. It was different. By the way, Julia’s second victory I was congratulated by the Chairman of the sports Committee of Volgodonsk. Early in the morning went through two of my dogs, knocked on the door and handed a beautiful bouquet with gratitude. It was very nice! It is, perhaps, the first such attention from the authorities.

Achievements Yulia Efimova at the Olympics in Rio silver medals at distances of one hundred and two hundred metres breaststroke – proud of all страна1 /5

Of course, Julia wanted to win a gold medal. But this time, it is obvious that the Japanese was stronger. And Julia have work to do. Tell you a secret: my daughter has now started preparations for the next Olympic games. She has very good fighting spirit! Saw her in the final of the combined relay bypassed American? Participation in the competition – only Julia’s decision. From childhood, she was free to choose. When my dad divorced, Julia was 13 years old. I think our break-up made her more Mature, tempered, or something. She from Volgodonsk went to Taganrog to training and back. So in life and sports plans Julia I’m not interfering. If I had my way, I would choose health. Really worried about Yulia’s heart. Repeatedly said to her: “Medals are for you. For me it would be good if you got married and had a baby.” She told me: “Mom, you just have a baby.”

Julia has a three-room apartment in Volgodonsk. Before her arrival there I clean, cook her favorite foods: okroshka green borsch, also, in short, I build comfort, so that she didn’t worry. Generally try to protect Julia from everyday life – after a lot of stress she needs to rest. So let them rest! Before the next starts.

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