Mom Dana Borisova mad cheating on the program Shepeleva

Мама Даны Борисовой в бешенстве от обмана на программе Шепелева Katherine is convinced that the shooting took place the shooting took place on a predetermined scenario. Dana Borisova was offended by a loved one during the show. According to women, the editors have used the unstable condition of the presenter.
Мама Даны Борисовой в бешенстве от обмана на программе Шепелева

Six months ago, thanks to friends, including famous TV host and chief editor of “StarHit” Andrei Malakhov, Dana Borisova came to the clinic to get rid of drug addiction. She recently completed rehabilitation and returned to Moscow.

At the end of October, the presenter was a member of the program Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. In the Studio came the parents of a celebrity. This father stated that the mother gave the daughter a sedative pill that can gradually cause her to depend on a stronger funds. Dana also made against mothers. However, Katherine has denied any involvement in all this. Now she is outraged that the editors of the program wanted to embroil loved ones. Father Dana Borisova intervened in her conflict with the mother

“I was treated like a pawn. Danochka and simply provoked. I’m sure she really doesn’t think so. But after the shooting I was so offended at her that behind the scenes even forbade her to come to me. Then I went back to the Crimea. Here, people watching TV, realized what had happened. No one said this show was good. Psychologist Sabina Pantus we in the Crimea called “Hitler in a skirt”, and the program itself is bestial. The editors have used the unstable state of This. A detector there was not any at all!” – said the mother Borisova.
Мама Даны Борисовой в бешенстве от обмана на программе Шепелева

Katherine remembered that on the eve of recording her called by an unknown man and warned that the program always shoot on a clear scenario scenario. Cousin presenter said the editor show whether this is so. However, program staff assured that this can not be.

However, Dana and mom were able to forgive and to reconcile. According to Catherine Ivanovna, the daughter went to meet her. However, the woman is outraged not only by the project Shepelev, and other shows that present information in a favorable only for them way. Borisov announced that it intends to sue the program.

Katherine said in an interview with Sobesednik that after the rehabilitation of her daughter’s life is gradually improving. Now Dana is selling the old apartment in a luxury residential complex, and she lives in a rented, to pay which she helped Andrey Malakhov.

“Dana just doesn’t want to go back to the apartment. As with the living space she associated bad memories. Keys – her apartment is free, it is for sale. No arrears of rent no, because I regularly pay until the Danochka was in Thailand. I partially paid for out of their funds, partly from funds daughter. Dana wanted to rent an apartment, but then changed my mind,” admitted Katherine.