Mom Buzova commented on the shock-correspondence daughter

Мама Бузовой прокомментировала шок-переписку дочери

In posted online conversation sender “Mommy-votsap” calls “Olyushka” slut.

Hackers managed to hack iCloud the stars “House-2” Olga Buzova. And now all revelations by the TV stars that are not intended for prying eyes, became “property of the Republic”. Here the sender is listed as “husband”, asked to solve all questions “consensual good”. However, faced with the persistent reluctance of the addressee to go to any kind of contact.

And here’s the curious message from the number recorded in WhatsApp, as “Mom-votsap”: “can You save the family. It all depends on you. You too should try. You’re a girl! You have to understand that we’re a pig and very clutter. But for the sake of a loved one can become better – it’s little things like fill the bed to remove debris, rinse the sink after himself.”

In General, it’s a rather piquant touch to the portrait, it seemed, loving and very proper wife. Mother, TV presenter admitted to Woman’s Day what about cracking your phone my daughter knows nothing. However did not deny that the address of Olga from her lips escaped a hard-hitting words.

“I’m not going to prove anything to anyone. This is absolutely not my thing. What would you like that said, and to explain nothing is going to”, – said Irina Buzova.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova met five years ago in the company of friends. The young people were together almost four years. Their relationship seemed ideal, and the hashtags #Moymoy and #Tarabotti become the embodiment of a happy family life.

But the idyll ended abruptly. About the disorder in the family “Tarabrikov” started talking in early November. Fans of the star couple had hoped for reconciliation. But Olga Buzova 29 Nov filed in the Meshchansky registry office about divorce with Dmitry Tarasov. Divorce Buzova and Tarasov was appointed on 30 December, as a Christmas gift.