Mom Bondarchuk commented on his divorce and marriage

Мама Бондарчука прокомментировала его развод и женитьбу

Actress Irina Skobtseva with warmth said about former daughter-in-law.

Recently it became known that after 25 years of marriage, Feodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk decided to leave. After this came the rumours that the Director having an affair with actress Paulina Andreeva and they are even already preparing for the wedding.

Woman’s Day congratulated with the upcoming event of mother Theodore actress Irina Skobtsevu and asked how she relates to the events that happen in their family.

“Fedya and Almost wrote his to do with what they have going on, but everything else I agree with you, I can’t say anything, – said Irina Konstantinovna to a reporter’s question Woman’s Day. And even if I did, I say!”

Family secret is kept and nephew of actor Konstantin Kryukov: “Nothing to comment, everything is already written”.

But the scandalous journalist Bozhena Rynska family secrets of Bondarchuk guards. On Facebook she said that the reason for the break is not Fedor and Svetlana, which has long been a another man.

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