Mom Antonio Banderas died

Мама Антонио Бандераса скончалась

Yesterday, November 4, 85-year-old mother of actor Antonio Banderas — Ana Bandera Gallego died in Spain. About this sad news, the actor announced on his page in social network Facebook.. According to foreign media reports, due to the loss of my dearest companion Banderas took a break from filming the second season of “Genius”, which will be dedicated to the life and work of the artist Pablo Picasso.

Мама Антонио Бандераса скончалась

“Our mother Ana Bandera Gallego left us forever. There will always be the love not only our family but also her friends, who will always remember her,” writes Banderas in the social network. She was 84 years old when mother died Banderas.

As you know, Ana Bandera Gallego was born 22 February 1933 in Carbonile, Malaga province, Spain. A big part of her life she taught in the lower grades.

Before beginning his successful acting career, Antonio changed the name of the father Dominguez on my mother’s name. Now, the actor has a successful career as a businessman and a lover of wine.

Мама Антонио Бандераса скончалась

To support in this tragic moment, but not only friends and family, because with his other half, he broke up in 2014. Not so long ago, actress Melanie Griffith said, as Rodriguez divorce affected her life. At the conference Women’s Brain Health Initiative is the former lover of the actor told what health problems experienced during the marriage with Antonio. 60-year-old actress admitted that in the last year of their marriage she experienced a variety of ailments. The last straw was the epilepsy. “The attacks happened to me in moments of severe stress. The last two happened during a walk on a yacht in Cannes. We were far from shore, and I experienced a lot of stress. I was taken ashore and sent to hospital, and after examination were released, and I went back to the boat. There it was the same, — says the actress.

Melanie admitted that such attacks plagued her 4 years ago, then never came back. She believes that being a mother and wife is already a big stress to the body. “We create a family, we have a husband, children, a new life, we begin to take care of the house, continue to work, almost no sleep at night, because you have to Wake up with the children. I don’t think I slept at all the last 35 years, ” says Griffith.

In an interview with one of the foreign editions, Melanie told what was the reason that destroyed their marriage. “One of the reasons our marriage has ceased to exist… Because I felt stuck. Just stuck. And I wanted to enjoy life and do what I want to do. For the time that has elapsed since our separation, I never met. I’m very shy with men and very restrained.” says the actress.