Мама Алеси Кафельниковой впервые заговорила о ее зависимости Ex-wife of famous tennis player Maria Tishkov told about the problems faced by her daughter. Ex-husband Yevgeny Kafelnikov admitted that he feels responsible for Alesya. The young model was able to overcome the addiction and anorexia.
Мама Алеси Кафельниковой впервые заговорила о ее зависимости

The heroine of the new issue of “Let them talk” was the daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov. Alesya works as a model and often removed for glossy magazines. In January, she gave a Frank interview in which has told about struggle with addiction, breakup with rapper Pharaoh and how deliberately stabbed himself damage.

Ales Kafelnikov decided on a public confession

Ales met with the lead Dmitry Borisov to the ether, and her mother Maria Tishkov appeared in the Studio. The first woman spoke about the problems faced by her daughter.

“I think every parent, when there is such a situation, feels guilty. What happened is what happened. Let’s move on,” shared the mother of the young model.
Мама Алеси Кафельниковой впервые заговорила о ее зависимости

The girl says that can’t determine which ones are more influenced it. According to the memoirs of Alesya, Eugene and Maria fought a lot, because they could not get along because of different temperaments.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov meets a young flight attendant

Мама Алеси Кафельниковой впервые заговорила о ее зависимости“Mom told me that I was born of mixed blood. My mom is negative and dad is positive. I lay six days in intensive care, I had a transfusion, because no blood could get on. And it’s like two different people – quiet and fussy. Parents could not get along, and I felt like a scapegoat. When they are together, it is nuclear war. It is very difficult, constantly have to adapt. I don’t know where the real me,” said Ales.
Мама Алеси Кафельниковой впервые заговорила о ее зависимости

Maria Tishkov shared that she helped her daughter realize their desires. “Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to watch her constantly… I pretty much gave her warmth in this moment. I must have missed something…” says the former model. In turn, Ales confessed that he always tried to prove to father their own importance.

“I wanted to let my dad see me bad and loved it. Perhaps it was a test in adolescence. Even when I was perfect, dad said that isn’t enough. He constantly compared me” – says the girl.
Мама Алеси Кафельниковой впервые заговорила о ее зависимости

At the same time, Ales admits, that the father always loved her very much and kept. “He wanted a proper, well-mannered, smart, beautiful daughter. And I was wrong with some cockroaches in my head that he would not accept and live. So we have had conflicts. And I don’t want to promise anything to anyone,” explains the girl.

During the meeting with Dmitry Borisov, Maria Tishkov admitted that he had a hard time parting with the tennis player. “10-15 years I’m stunned by all,” said the woman. While Maria tried not to show her as daughter. Dmitry Borisov suggested that Ales cause harm to himself, wanting to attract the attention of parents. The mother of the heiress of the famous family agreed with this point of view.

“Unite simply didn’t work, because divorce was a surprise to me. Probably Eugene too. I think only he can say why it decided. For me it was: “Today you wife, and gone tomorrow”. I don’t even have time to understand why and for what,” said Tishkov.

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya, which has long known activist, also shared his view on the situation. A businesswoman has repeatedly helped Kafelnikov, so the behavior of the girl ceased to respond to calls, very surprised her.

Мама Алеси Кафельниковой впервые заговорила о ее зависимости“I feel that she has not asked me for help. I realized something was up when she stopped answering calls and texts. I didn’t understand how this is a big problem, recalls Rudkovskaya. – I couldn’t understand how this could happen in such a family, which controlled every step. Eugene had, as I understand it, this model sports education. Apparently, somewhere this formula has cracked. And for the people, reaching the heights in sports, it’s impossible. Jack is eating itself. He is well educated activist, she’s an intelligent girl, very modest and fragile”.

At the moment, she still takes antidepressants. Ales tries to avoid the parties that take alcohol and may be drugs. Kafelnikov focused on getting education.

“Many different plans. In the first place, I have not only career, but also study. My parents suggested that I get a second education in the school “Ostankino”, where I spend a lot of time. Also learn stock trading. I record music, I have a small project. And, of course, a model’s career. But it is not ultimate, I guess. It is more a dream, from a series of how girls want to be princesses. But I don’t think it will help me to survive. I’d also like to help people,” said she.