Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

Cornices and mouldings is an important element of the modern interior. They not only need to mask the joints between the walls and ceiling and make the repair neat and finished appearance these details are able to set accents in the interior, affect the perception of space and stylistic decisions.
What to look for when choosing cornices and moldings, and how to use them in the interior at 100%?

Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

What are the cornices and moldings

In a broad sense, molding is a decorative bar of any invoice. Moldings attached to furniture, walls, ceilings, arches, door frames and mirrors. They may represent a major wall panels, round ceiling outlet or concise ceiling cornices. It is no exaggeration to say that a good molding you can choose for any interior problems. Don’t believe? Look in a catalog company Ultrawood, the largest manufacturer of architectural LDF-decor, representing more than 60 eco-friendly and modern profiles to suit every taste.

Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

The functions of the moldings in the interior:

  • the concealment of joints and cracks, e.g. between a wall and a ceiling;
  • zoning and connection of different finishing materials;
  • protection from mechanical damage;
  • disguise the shortcomings of the layout and decoration;
  • create decorative accents in the interior.

As the cornices and moldings help the room seem spacious

When choosing molding, consider the geometry of space. If you want to make the ceiling visually above, choose a narrow white ceiling and cornice. The spacious rooms with high ceilings, on the contrary − it would be better to look wide ceiling moldings.

Tip: to make the ceiling seem higher, one strip of the cornice can be mounted in a junction to the wall, and the second a few inches below. Thus, the cornice visually becomes an extension of the ceiling.

Wall moldings — ideal for zoning. You can apply with them one of the most striking and eye-catching accent wall that will distract attention from the shortcomings of planning.

Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

With the help of moldings on the walls to create square or rectangular decorative panels in the frame. Typically, they make a bright Wallpaper, and for the rest of the wall choose a light, neutral tone. This technique looks particularly good in the classical interiors, giving them a graceful gentility and geometrical rhythm.

Tip: moldings and cornices better than paint, even if you are quite satisfied with the white color. This will help hide the joints and increase the durability of the product.

Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

To hide the tabs, niches, or make arched openings in the interior as well by using the moldings, however, it is important not to overdo it and to give preference to the strict design of curls and frills.

How to choose the cornices and moldings

Cornices, mouldings and wall panels is relevant in any interior, but most harmoniously fit into the traditional styles: classic, Provence, different country. At the same time, choosing a classic style decor, you don’t have to limit your selection only the usual materials which are often characterized by fragility or very high cost. Traditional style moldings and wall panels can be manufactured, for example, of the available and modern fibreboard low density — LDF.

Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

The style of Provence, as well as popular American classics in a wide range presented in the catalog Ultrawood: cornices, architraves, mouldings, skirting boards, frames — all the details to create a decor in a single conceptual solution.

Tip: to make the interior look good, pick up the curtain rod, decor mirrors and frames for doors of the same collection.

Pay attention to the quality of the material. Now you can find moldings made of foam, Styrofoam, polyurethane, plaster and even wood. It is easy to get lost in such variety! The foam on either quality or appearance does not withstand any criticism, and to afford the moldings made of solid wood, not everyone can.

Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

A good option in terms of price, quality and sustainability are LDF-decor made from natural materials from Ultrawood. It is made from plantation pine and are connected to natural lignin. Fibrous structure of the LDF profile gives you more than polyurethane and foam strength. Primer is made at the factory and provides the perfect paint application on the product. To paint a profile in any color using different paints for wood: enamel, alkyd or acrylic that can make decor in any style.

Memo: the cost of moldings and cornices Ultrawood more affordable than their counterparts made of plaster and polyurethane.

Молдинги и карнизы: расставляем акценты правильно

Remember that ceiling cornices and decorative moldings — important details of the interior, which should last you one year, and the approach to their selection is thoughtfully and consciously.