Modern Talking: 5 самых интересных фактов о легендарной группе
After the release of the single “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” (Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders have become incredibly popular. How was the further fate of the star Duo?

Modern Talking: 5 самых интересных фактов о легендарной группе

Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders


“Heroes of the Soviet youth”

The legendary German Duo Modern Talking, singing
music in the style of Euro-disco, was created by singer Thomas Anders and composer
Dieter Bohlen in 1984 thanks to a happy coincidence.

Thomas Anders (real name Bernd Weidung) since childhood, professionally engaged in music: take
lessons on piano, sang in the Church choir and studied musicology. Already in 16 years, the talented singer became a winner
the prestigious contest “Radio Luxembourg”, and at 17 he released his debut
the single “Judy”. However, the name of the young actor’s were for the big stage too difficult to pronounce
and poorly remembered, and producer of the record company advised
Bernd take the sonorous name of Thomas Anders. It was under this stage
the pseudonym he has become famous.

The fateful acquaintance of Anders with a novice
composer and producer Dieter Bohlen occurred in February 1983 in Berlin record company Hansa”. Sick was looking for a vocalist for performance
his new song is in German, and Anders responded immediately
flew to Bohlen in his Studio in Hamburg, where he started to record songs. Having recorded a few collaborations in the German language and becoming popular in Germany
Dieter and Thomas realized that the international success and recognition is possible
only be achieved with songs in English.

In 1984 Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen created the group Modern Talking, which immediately
also has loudly declared itself by the song “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” (“You are my
heart, you’re my soul”). Ill initially wanted a song played only Anders,
but bosses music Studio managed to persuade the composer to sing a duet with
Thomas. And they were right. The single became a huge hit, and the German singers
famous throughout the world.

“Yeah, then we did a great job,
— many years later recalled Dieter Bohlen. — I’m still proud of some of my
works”. By the way, the band’s popularity in the USSR was so great that Sick
was named a “hero of the Soviet youth” and recognized as the most popular foreign composer.
However, the glory star Duo bathed long.

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  • Modern Talking: 5 самых интересных фактов о легендарной группе
    Thomas Anders

  • Modern Talking: 5 самых интересных фактов о легендарной группе
    Dieter Bohlen


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