Modern half-timbered houses

Современные фахверковые дома

Can construction technology, popular in the middle Ages to be of interest to anyone except historians of architecture? Practice shows that at the intersection of modern ideas of comfort and ancient construction experience are born at home, where they want to live a full life, raising children and grandchildren.

Современные фахверковые дома

The best example of a harmonious combination of tradition and innovation — the half-timbered houses. This technology was common in Northern Europe in the Middle ages, and with the latest materials and engineering ideas, has become popular among modern lovers of country living around the world.

What is a modern half-timbered house

Half-timbered houses of any era are easy to find on the visible on the facade beams and slabs. It’s not fancy decor, and the framing of the structure. Thanks to its reliability and durability in Europe, some of the family still live in half-timbered houses built 300 years ago.
Half-timbered house is a spatial frame made of pine timber, protected against rot and moisture, and coated with a special varnish. The cells of the frame are filled according to the customer glass, wood paneling, stone for exterior cladding. You can choose the options fill the cells individually.

Love the large Windows and filled with light and air space? Half-timbered house is perfect for this.

Utilities modern half-timbered houses are under the floor (hot and cold water, electric internal and external lighting). For home heating, generally used, water-heated floors.

Современные фахверковые дома

Internal cell walls are filled with special insulating and waterproof material with high insulation. Half-timbered houses are built from natural, environmentally friendly materials, which are perfectly cope with the problem of excess dampness and moisture in buildings and to keep warm.

Most often in half-timbered houses found in saddle rafter roof without attic space. Wide overhangs protect the house from direct sunlight and precipitation, and terraces create a harmonious extension of the interior space.

At the stage of design experts in half-timbered construction from the company “GOOD WOOD” will offer you to individually adjust the internal layout of the house, for example, to add the second living room in light or to change the number of rooms.

How to build half-timbered houses

Frame half-timbered house includes walls, roof and terraces, discreetly connected by metal staples and wooden spikes. The lightness and resistance of timber frame makes it the Foundation is not such rigid, as in the case of using other technologies, and allows you to do melkozaglublenny Foundation.

Frame-frame construction allows to solve important engineering problems:

  • the absence of specific requirements to the land plot;
  • to create a strong and durable building construction;
  • to ensure the reliability and comfort of a home in a Northern climate, resistance to wind and temperature extremes;
  • to reduce construction time to a minimum;
  • to save on construction and materials.

The advantages of half-timbered houses

Half-timbered houses are available not only in its European homeland. The company “GOOD WOOD” will help realize the dream of spacious suburban housing in Russia.

Modern design with panoramic Windows or a cozy cottage in the country style — frame construction is equally harmonious in any role.

The advantages of half-timbered houses:
— stylish and modern design tailored to individual needs;
— affordable price house and short time of erection;
— full control of all stages of the company-Builder;
— ability to select a model project at home or to create a customized planning solution with different heights;
— modern utilities and facilities;
the use of natural and sustainable materials.

Want to know more about the construction of half-timbered houses and design an individual project to your taste? Specialists of the company “GOOD WOOD” will be happy to help you with this.