Model with a huge booty can compete with the Kardashian

Модель с огромной попой составит конкуренцию Кардашьян

According to the model, her buttocks the envy of West Africa.

Observing the shape of the Kardashian sisters, it’s hard to imagine that someone can beat. Well, if only Nicki Minaj! But it turns out that around the world and, in particular, in West Africa, Kim Kardashian has a competitor model Evdokia Yao, buttocks which are hard to miss.

The model itself without false modesty claims that its forms are the most sexy and curvy in all of Africa. Girl is not ashamed of her figure, and even, on the contrary, tries forms to emphasize Frank clothing: form-fitting kombinezony, mini skirts, sexy dresses are the main part of the wardrobe of Eudoxia. Yao claims that he never spoke to a plastic surgeon and her appearance – merit genetics. In the city Evdokia popular model is regularly invited to various TV shows, comparing her with Kim Kardashian.

For the life of the girls watched more than 100 thousand fans in Instagram! Who knows, maybe she will be able to catch up with Kim Kardashian to star rival models remained all nothing more than 86 million subscribers.

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Video published Eudoxie Yao (@eudoxieyao) on 27 Oct 2016 11:22 PDT