Модель Тесс Холидей — 155 килограмм красоты

Модель Тесс Холидей — 155 килограмм красоты

155 kilograms, and that’s with the growth of 165 centimeters, 60 clothing size and thigh volume 130 centimeters – all this lush beauty that
shows Tess Holliday.

This girl was as long as he can remember. It not infrequently been the object of ridicule, and in 17 years when they became
unbearable, she even left school.
Everything changed in 25 years, when the holiday moved from his native Mississippi to Los Angeles. Girl fat noticed
the producers of the famous reality show. Though the format of the show she didn’t like, since obesity was shown as the greatest evil, but
all the same, she agreed to participate – and I was right!

Модель Тесс Холидей — 155 килограмм красоты
Bright girl noticed an advertising Agency, and then all hit the jackpot – starred in the magazine “VOGUE Italy” and later
the girl graced more than one cover of a glossy magazine. On her Instagram page has almost 2 million followers. Now Tess Holliday is enjoying her lush body. Atypical model plays sports, swims in the pool and a lot of walking in the fresh air.

“A fat man – not necessarily the patient!”, — said model.
“People like me are often ridiculed that they are lazy or unhealthy! And nobody’s saying that about someone who is considered slim. We often believe that we are obliged to discuss our health with strangers. Actually, we don’t owe anyone anything!”, — shared his opinion of Tess Holliday.

Therefore, Tess holiday with pleasure posing naked and demonstrates his numerous tattoos. And think about the haters she’s just not enough time. Fernandezia takes her for 12 hours a day, and at home waiting for her family.

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