Модель плюс-сайз Анастасия Квитко

Модель плюс-сайз Анастасия Квитко

90-60-90 is not in fashion! Beauties with curvaceous conquer the most prestigious catwalks of the world. Model from Kaliningrad, Anastasiya Kvitko,
because he has something to boast about.
Her appetizing forms seen when a famous photographer asked her to pose in her skimpy bikini. Once the forms have
Anastasia appreciated once dubbed her the “Russian” Kim Kardashian, although the model itself is so totally disagree.

“We have even different shapes! I love to play sports. I do not understand how she has achieved such forms?”, — commented on the model.
Anastasia claims that its volumes are completely natural, brought a healthy diet and accumulated in the gym. She renounces
comparisons with Kardashian, but on the invitation of her husband Kanye West, Anastasia napcoware bags short shorts and went to

But in the States buxom girl was advised to lose weight, but Kvitko still think it is not going to say goodbye to their forms.
At the moment it is a few brands of sportswear and underwear. And follow her Instagram for more than 10
of millions of people. She can be proud of the fact that not afraid to get lucky his fat form over the ocean and they could glorify.

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