Модель Оксана Воеводина подала в суд на бывшего короля Малайзии

Модель Оксана Воеводина подала в суд на бывшего короля Малайзии

Famous model Oksana Vojvodina recently filed Dorogomilovsky court of the city of Moscow to defend the rights of their child. Her ex-husband, the former king of Malaysia, Muhammad V, without explanation, left the girl when she was already on fourth month of pregnancy, and at this point refuses to acknowledge the child as his.

The girl without the financial assistance of her husband gave birth to their joint son and immediately turned to his former wife through the social network through video. In her address she reminded that he is now a father and he has a very fast growing child. According to Oksana’s ex-king still did not react to her words, and accept the child as he wants. The girl even had to sell her engagement ring to pay for medical services that were provided to her during pregnancy and childbirth.

Oksana Vojvodina now requires from Muhammad V alimony payments, which will amount to 24000 pounds per month (or $ 30,000 US). Also she wants in her possession went flat in the centre of Moscow and a house in London.

Oksana was allowed to carry out a DNA test for paternity to prove that her son, who is now 4 months, is native to the ex-king. The first statement in the court Oksana was accepted, but the former spouse does not respond, so the girl was forced to seek help again.

Recall that the wedding ceremony Oksana Vojvodina and Muhammad V was a mystery, the event occurred in June 2018. 5 months later the couple had a big celebration in Moscow. However, relatives with the groom’s family was against this marriage.

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