Модель из российской глубинки стала женой итальянского миллионера Vita Sidorkina married the owner of a construction company Valerio Morabito. The celebration was held at the home of the groom. At first the lovers were married, and then continued the celebration on the coast under the open sky.

Last weekend in the Italian village of Ravello on the Amalfi coast at Belmond Hotel Caruso luxury wedding took place 23-year-old Russian Victoria’s Secret model Vita Sidorkina and her lover — a 43-year-old billionaire Valerio Morabito. A man proposed to his sweetheart back in January. It happened during a romantic date at home of the groom, in Italy. That’s when Vita said the coveted “Yes”.

A Grand celebration took place on Saturday. First couple married in the Church. The room was decorated with white flowers. Vitu to the altar was her father. In the evening, after the official part, the celebration continued under the open sky. How much a pair cost a Banquet, not reported.

In this solemn day in the model was a white dress with lace sleeves and a high neckline and long veil. The groom chose a classic black suit and a corsage in the style of the bride’s bouquet. The lovers looked together harmoniously.

Of course, the wedding was not without the first dance. Vita and Valerio it is not specifically rehearsed. They are under a slow song came on stage, hugged and kissed, and then just started moving to the music. This moment was one of the most touching at the ceremony.

After the dance the husband and wife presented a great cake, decorated with fruit, berries and the many flowers of mastic.According to European tradition, Vita and Valerio cut the first piece of cake together. Most likely, the delicacy went to the parents of the lovers.

Husband Vita – the owner of a large construction company Morabito Projects. A few years ago the man I almost married model Irina Shayk. Then, a strong relationship was broken due to a striker Spanish football club “real Madrid” Cristiano Ronaldo who went to beauty. But billionaire grieved not for long – soon after the break he met Vita and fell in love with her to unconsciousness.

It is known that she was born in Khabarovsk. In 2010, she signed a contract with the Moscow model Agency Cherie Models. After a while the girl was invited to new York. After three months of work in the US for fashion week Vita went to Paris, where he quickly gained popularity by taking part in seven shows of the season. In 2015 Vitu invited to work with the company Victoria’s Secret.