Model Julia Mindar shared the secrets of success

Модель Юлия Миндарь поделилась секретами успеха
The European model of Ukrainian origin Minder Julia, told about themselves, about the secrets of the fashion business and how to look after themselves, to look at 100%.

Модель Юлия Миндарь поделилась секретами успеха

Julia Mindar is the face of Shoe brand Nino Basco , Jewelry company Viadem, fashion apparel Marconi in Poland. Have predstavljala catalogs underwear brands such as Calvin Klein, Weird Bird, Milavitsa ,cosmetics company Inglot and Mac,Eveline and participated in the highest European, Ukrainian and Russian fashion Week.

She has starred in ads for Mac cosmetics, Inglot, l’oreal, Farmona, etc., In work and in life prefers natural cosmetics, and decorative Inglot and Mac – some of the highest quality available and used by professionals.

Модель Юлия Миндарь поделилась секретами успеха

As a model she’s quite self-critical and primarily draws attention to your diet, as it is the cornerstone. She doesn’t eat flour products, more protein and vegetables. And naturally regular exercise. Tone is important. Julia sleeps at least 8 hours a day, because I believe that the dream for women is very important.

Модель Юлия Миндарь поделилась секретами успеха

An important factor to achieve success in the modeling business, according to Julia, is sociability. because without this in any way when working with people.

On the second place – work, as without work and thoughtfulness in what you do, there is little that can go. And always be in shape!

Julia, like any model, wants thoroughly to start working in the modeling business and be on the covers of such popular magazines like Vogue or Elle. She admires Irina Shayk (even something similar) and she is her role model.

In numerous interviews Julia admits that today she plans to do a few seasons of UFW and MBKFD, to participate in interesting projects, and then expand the scope of its activities, working abroad.

Модель Юлия Миндарь поделилась секретами успеха

Julia loves animals and extreme sports, and the soundtrack to my life thinks the song Imagine Dragons – Believer. Favorite cities are Paris and Kiev. They are both literally filled with story and history. But she does not forget about his native Odessa and Los Angeles for warmth and beauty.

In her childhood Julia dreamed of becoming an artist. She studied at the art school, and now it’s turned into a hobby and photography. She understands that the term working model is not large, and therefore received in Poland, Bank and media education. Well, how many girls, Julia is not against to try itself in the role of an actress and wants to play a Superwoman or Catwoman in the blockbuster.

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