Model from Kazakhstan is ready to sue with Andrey Arshavin for slander

Модель из Казахстана готова судиться с Андрем Аршавиным из-за клеветы The girl outraged by the statements of the player in the press. Olga Semenova that Alice was suspected of treason with her husband, may apply to the authority if Andrew will continue to discuss it in person with reporters.
Модель из Казахстана готова судиться с Андрем Аршавиным из-за клеветы

In the beginning of the week “StarHit” reported that the wife of Andrei Arshavin Alice filed three criminal cases. The woman admitted that the alleged mistress of soccer player from Kazakhstan Olga Semenova will continue with her trial. The girl was spotted athlete, explained his position.

Olga resent that now to the discussion of the situation, joined the Andrew. In the comments to one of the editions of the footballer commented on the process. According to players, some of the charges attracted “for ears” Alice in Prosecutor’s office of Kazakhstan. Semenova advises the athlete not to interfere.

Andrey Arshavin is outraged by the accusations against his wife

“If Arshavin will continue to ridicule me or to turn people against, I’ll have to tell us what happened this evening. Then Arshavin is sure to play. Maybe now he and Arshavin earned his article “Slander”. Everything he says is wrong,” said the girl.
Модель из Казахстана готова судиться с Андрем Аршавиным из-за клеветы

Olga did not disclose the details of the two cases that are instituted against Alice, arguing that this information should be kept secret. However, no serious jail time against the wife of Arshavin was not.

“It is a violent fantasy Alice herself. All taken from my Instagram. Indeed, three criminal cases. One-under article “Threat”. It under Kazakh law, she faces up to 60 days in jail. About two other articles yet cannot reveal – secret investigation. About 8 years, I think, invented most likely in order to make himself the victim”, – said the model.

As Olga told, they met Andrew through a mutual friend Paul. Recently, on February 18, Semenova asked the wife of a friend, asking to take the statement. She claimed that their family receives threats. Probably, according to the model, Arshavin decided to put her down.

“If there was no crime, no pre-trial investigations would not be. They include additional collection of evidence and interviewing of Arshavina. The offense is a priori. You need to spend numerous examination activities, the questioning, the confrontation before the court that the court had full proof, polls, responses,” – said a resident of Kazakhstan.

Olga said in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that is not going to try separately to compensate for moral damages.

“I would rather that the truth will prevail that I am no seeker of the sponsor, and I am a normal sane girl who is put in the place of an imaginary elite. My parents admire me, that’s enough for me. I fight for justice, for truth and honesty,” said Semenov.