Mitya Khrustalev admitted that in love again!

Митя Хрусталев признался, что снова влюблен!
The TV presenter found the girl of his dreams online.

Митя Хрусталев признался, что снова влюблен!

Dmitry Khrustalyov


Elena Turbal

Dmitry Khrustalev in love again. And not to friend or colleague on the First channel. TV presenter found a photograph of a beautiful stranger, which won
his first sight on the Internet. “Think I’m in love! — posted by showman on the page
in the social network. — No one knows how to find this girl?! She

It turned out that the lady really exists in real life. Moreover, fans
very quickly figured out who she was and found her page on the social network.

It turned out the girl’s name is Elena Turbal, and she, as
strange, have hrustaleva colleague in the shop. Elena TV series actress, in addition,
she plays in the theater. However, living in another country, but it often happens in Russia. Than this story will end, only time will tell, but it’s worth
note that Mitya is not the only one who fell in love with “a girl from the network”

For example, actor Ivan Zhidkov for several months Dating
with a sweetheart that he found on the Internet. According to Vanya, he saw
a picture of the beauty and “lost.” Having found the girl, Ivan offered her
to meet. It ended a romantic relationship that lasts to this day.

It happens that the celebrities are even looking for potential lovers on a Dating site. Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio a year ago and I even got on the phone with a special app for online Dating. According to friends, actor a very long time admiring the photos of the girls and put them huskies.

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