Митя Фомин высказался о лишении прав из-за наркотиков The artist commented on the rumors. Several media outlets reported that the singer got into a tricky situation on the road. According to some publications, Fomin broke the law and were punished by the officers.

      On Friday, several media outlets reported that the singer Mitya Fomin became the infringer of rules of traffic. As pointed out by some publications, the artist was detained on Leningradsky Prospekt when driving behind the wheel of his Mercedes. According to reports, Fomin was suspected of alcoholic intoxication, but during the examination, the staff found out that he is under the influence of drugs. However, the results of this survey became known not at once. After this, the materials were submitted to the court. According to the law of the Russian Federation is a violation of the driver deprived of the rights. “StarHit” got in touch with Mitya Fomin and listened to his version of the incident. The actor was at this point in the car and denied the incriminating information.

      “I’m driving, I have no rights deprived,” – said Fomin.

      However, the ex-soloist of the popular group “Hi-Fi” said that it was really stopped by traffic police. “Well, Yes, they all stop,” said Mitya.

      As pointed out by some publications, in violation of the law the person who was driving the car, you may receive punishment under article 12.8 of part 1 of the administrative code “driving a vehicle driver in a state of intoxication”. For such an offence are deprived of the rights for a period of a year and a half, and be obliged to pay a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

      Later Mitya was so outraged by the rumors about the deprivation of rights that he decided to personally tell all of their followers. “Look at the documents are in place, and the car I continue to drive. Was, appeared in the press the news about the denial of my rights: whether a bad joke, or someone’s evil intent. And the story, meanwhile, is inflated to the plot, a decent script by Quentin Tarantino: life, resistance, cars with flashing lights,” he described the whole situation Fomin, showing the right in the short video.

      According to media reports, the case Fomin was considered a few months in the global section of the Golovinsky court of Moscow. The decision was made just recently.

      Judging by microblog, Mitya leads a fairly healthy lifestyle, and it is impossible to suspect drug use. The actor often shares pictures from training in the gym and shows off his gorgeous muscles. Only occasionally, during the holidays, it allows you to drink a glass of beer and to eat nutritious dish.

      Fomin is well aware that fame makes him the object of discussion. “Public employees are forced to accept as a given that even his innermost thoughts, actions cease to belong only to him. Media special profile capitalizing on the growing interest in the public persona, inventing stories that often have no relation to the man himself – from the contents of the refrigerator and diet in his plate to address book of his phone,” wrote the Fomin blog.