Митя Фомин показал любимую женщину
The singer gently admitted feelings.

Mitya Fomin

Photo: @mf_agent Instagram Mitya Fomin

Mitya Fomin recently opened fans on the other hand: the famous singer appeared before the fans in the role of a caring and loving son. Recently Fomin issued a joint photo with your mom on social networks. Did it special for his family day. Mom Fomina celebrated 76 years, with what is known and the son congratulated her , of course, and even personally. And thanks to posted in a microblog by a picture, a relative of the singer has welcomed hundreds of his admirers.

“My dear Tamarack Wand, of course, I’ve already called and said everything, but again I say:thank you for life! For the opportunity to live and enjoy! I wish you strong health, that you forgot about his imaginary ailments, so that they all fled away. I wish you lightness of being, joy, positive people and good weather, everything else you already have… Your beloved and loving son Mitya,” — wrote the film in social networks.

By the way, among congratulated the mother Fomin with his birthday were seen Tatiana Tereshina, which for many years was a colleague of MITI group “Hi-fi”. In addition, the singer is the godfather of my daughter Tatiana — ARIS. Just a couple of days Fomin will be celebrating in the capital’s restaurant 20th anniversary of his creative activity.