Митя Фомин показал фото сына
The singer spent the weekend together with the godson.

Photo: Instagram

Mitya Fomin loves his godson, Igor. The boy now three, and he is a native son of a good friend of the singer hockey player Igor Volkov. Last weekend Fomin held on the Baltic sea, where he now lives Volkov family. Mitya and Igor Jr. was playing, running and chatting.

“I’ll miss you, baby!” — Fomin wrote in a personal blog, leaving in Moscow.

43-year-old singer has never been married. His personal life, he always hides from prying eyes. However, not so long ago Mitya told why still single.

“The wedding was supposed to be, but it didn’t. If we’re going to do this, I can say that it is a relationship that can not decide. This story, which very much me at the moment are concerned and worried. Because loneliness, disorder, hence the conflict, hence the inner misunderstandings, hence the desire to leave because I wanted some kind of reset to translate. What I at this stage could do, I already did. Maybe I need to relax. To fall in love and live for each other”, — said Mitya Fomin in the “invisible Man” on TV-3.

In addition, in the transmission we are talking about a tragedy in the artist’s life. Mitya told about a married woman who was expecting his child, which was not to be born. “It still hurts. But still ahead. I don’t want bad news, that’s life,” — said the artist.

So while the film brought their own children, my unspent fatherly tenderness he spends godchildren. In addition to Igor Volkov he also baptized a daughter and best friend Tatiana Tereshinoy — ARIS.