Возлюбленная Прохора Шаляпина раскрыла имя отца ребенка Калашниковой

Anna Kalashnikov believed that the ex-wife of Prokhor Chaliapin Larisa Kopenkina is the true embodiment of evil on Earth. Supposedly, businesswoman ready to do anything to upset her relationship with the singer. But a lot more harm than Kopenkina caused Kalashnikova new girlfriend Chaliapin Jan Grivkovsky, because she called the name of the father of the child Anna Daniel.

Gribkowsky said that the name of the father of the boy is no longer a secret. Dad can call himself a businessman Armen Kirakosyanwho is the owner of one of the beauty salons.

For advertising image Studio in social networks Anna free served it. And at the same time was having an affair with a married Armen. When Anna became pregnant, she, according to Gribkowsky, threatening with a disclosure of the truth, asked Armen for her to open the showroom.

So far from Kalashnikova comments about this information has not been received.

Recall, that Prokhor Chaliapin is not the father of Daniel became known in the Studio talk show “Let them talk”. Conducted a DNA test revealed that the contractor who was going to marry Anna, has to her child is irrelevant.


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