Любовница Пороховщикова претендовала на место его погибшей жены Close to the famous actor became the heroes of the program “really”. In the Studio of the TV show tried to figure out who would want the death of the wife of Alexander porohovschikova Irene. According to the official version, she died at her own hands.
Любовница Пороховщикова претендовала на место его погибшей жены

The next issue of “In fact” was dedicated to the mysterious death of the wife of Alexander porohovschikova Irene. March 10, 2012, the woman hanged herself in a house located in Starokonyushenny lane. A month later he died himself a folk artist. He died as a result of heart disease caused by diabetes.

Girlfriend Irina doesn’t believe that she left this life on their own. In the Studio there were three women, each of whom could have a motive to kill the wife of Alexander porohovschikova – mistress star Hope Fedosenkova, the housekeeper of the family Ekaterina Kuznetsova and niece of actor Natalia Dmitrieva. They turned to a lie detector to prove its truth.

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin, representing the interests of families Porohovschikova, said that the actor left an impressive legacy. “It’s two apartments in Moscow, country house on Rublevsky highway, cars, bills,” – said the lawyer.

Любовница Пороховщикова претендовала на место его погибшей жены

Housekeeper celebrity believes that Irina porohovschikova couldn’t kill herself. The same thing said a friend of the deceased woman, Anna Asmaria.

“She herself could not. When I visited her at the cottage in September, they had a fight with Sasha. She says: “Come, Pamiri us.” We walked along the promenade, I said to her, “What do you want? Here you are now with him swear, but if, God forbid, he’ll have a heart attack and Sasha will be?” She smiled sweetly and said, “Think of it, I’ll be a rich young widow,” said the woman.
Любовница Пороховщикова претендовала на место его погибшей жены

Kuznetsova confirmed that porohovschikova do often say such words. According to Ancharovoj, the circumstances of the suicide of a friend, including a dying message, cause her suspicions. “Maybe it’s her handwriting, but written so smoothly… She always wrote backhand. Either it was written at gunpoint, or someone made and gave to understand that he did not write itself,” shared Anna. In turn, Catherine remembered how Irina has said that he plans to commit suicide. Actor’s wife was afraid that her face will be distorted and it will be captured on camera. Both women agreed that the suicide lady porohovschikova reminds them of the hoax.

Sergei Zhorin announced that Catherine Kuznetsov was fired shortly before the death of the former mistress. However, the woman said that she left the family of the actor itself. Housekeeper star claims that Porokhovshchikov offered her to become a surrogate mother, but Kuznetsova didn’t want to give her child to other people.

In the program recalled the story when the name of a young mistress of Alexander porohovschikova associated with child artist. However, the Hope has denied speculation about what was going to be a mother.

“I’m not saying that she is pregnant by Alexander Shalvovich. I said that he has a child in Poland by the name of Sasha. (…) He had a child from a prostitute. He said: “I came through the fence and watched and cried. When the child cried: “Dad,” I turned and ran,” shared Fedosenkova.
Любовница Пороховщикова претендовала на место его погибшей жены

Dmitry Shepelev asked the young woman if she wanted to take the place of the wife of Alexander porohovschikova. She replied ” no ” but the lie detector showed she was telling the truth.

“You were present that day at the mansion that killed Irina porohovschikova?” – asked Dmitry Shepelev to the heroines of the program. They replied in the negative. According to one version, on that fateful day the woman rang, and she was told that Alexander Shalvovich is dying. Shepelev asked Fedosenkova and Kuznetsova, whether they tried to contact Porohovschikova. They said that they didn’t do it. Shepelev focused audience that will announce the results of the examination at the end of transmission.

A psychiatrist and a narcologist Erken Imanbayev, was present in the Studio, commented on the behavior of the heroines of the transmission. “I see that Alexander porohovschikova there were problems within the family. The internal conflict, and these two women took advantage of the conflict. Each of them pulled the blanket to his side. Moreover, I note that there is monitored the situation, which can be called as the projection of undesirable qualities. Each side blamed each other, but actually each of them would like to become a family of Alexander and bear him children,” commented the expert. Imanbaev also noted that Fedosenkova too simulated emotions, and that if she’s scared of being caught in a lie. With statements Erken Imanbaev St., agreed to the polygraph Sabina Pantus.

Любовница Пороховщикова претендовала на место его погибшей жены

After advertising in the Studio of the talk show was a niece of the famous actor Natalia Dmitrieva. Lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that she left her claim to the property stars. “It was a very big battle for the inheritance. In that moment, when the question arose about the exhumation of Alexander porohovschikova, the family of Natalia nobly refused the inheritance, so as not to disturb his memory,” – said the lawyer.

At the end of the show the presenter said about how sincere was the heroine of the program. The experts tried to figure out, could one of them to arrange the death of Irina Porohovschikova and contact her shortly before his death. According to experts, Natalia Dmitrieva, Ekaterina Kuznetsova are not the culprits of the tragic events. As to the Hope of Fedoseenko, it was not in the house of the spouse of the actor, but, as it turned out, lied about the call. At least, this was indicated by the readings.

“You know that’s a lie. I can’t justify it with a polygraph. Maybe this could be something else. But the polygraph can’t justify it in this response,” said the examiner Roman Ustyuzhanin.