Любовница Оззи Осборна откровенно рассказала об их романе

Stylist Michelle Pugh, the woman who almost destroyed 33 years of marriage Ozzy Osbourne, out of the shadows. She recently filed a lawsuit against the daughter of rocker Kelly Osbourne, accusing her of defamation and dissemination of personal information, and the day before and all gave a Frank interview about her affair with Ozzy, stating that such it never happened.

Любовница Оззи Осборна откровенно рассказала об их романе
According to Michelle, her affair with 67-year-old rocker is more than just a fling.
“Ozzy gave me the greatest love of my life, and I say this without exaggeration. He made me feel what it’s like to be the most beautiful and wash away his beloved woman in the world. We had real chemistry, and nobody can deny that,” “said 45-year-old Michelle.

Ozzy himself less romantic is configured and recently said that between him and his mistress was solely a physical connection. However, friends of the artist at the time of his affair with Michelle talked about the fact that Drinking hurt his feelings, and Sharon was offended by what her husband woke up feelings for another woman. Osborne previously cheated on his wife, but she never talked about divorce. Apparently, the rocker’s just trying to look good in the eyes of his wife, with whom he reconciled and promised to treat satirize – increased libido. By the way, the course of treatment in the form of psychotherapy Ozzy goes at this point.
Michelle also said that marriage to Sharon Osbourne was unhappy. He lacked not only physical but also emotional intimacy with his wife. Maybe it is because they approached each other on an emotional level.” The status of Ozzy, whose real name is John Michael Osbourne, was not interested in Michelle.
“I was not a rock star, and with a nice, cool and funny British guy, John,” said Pew.

The representative of Ozzie said rocker he regrets cheating on his wife and nods to his illness, which, according to his confessions, hurts the last six years. He also apologized to Michelle and the rest of her lovers, who did not know about his disease and took it seriously.

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