Mistress of Michael Evdokimova have agreed to a multi-year relationship with him

Любовница Михаила Евдокимова оправдалась за многолетнюю связь с ним 6 Dec famous actor would have turned 60 years old. To the jubilee of people’s favorite, the First channel showed a documentary film “Mikhail Evdokimov. All that time”. The main characters of the painting were his favorite women: official wife Galina and informal Nadezhda Zharkova, with whom he maintained relations for many years.
Любовница Михаила Евдокимова оправдалась за многолетнюю связь с ним

That Michael Evdokimova have informal relationships and even children born out of wedlock, became known only after his death. Parodist, a former Governor of the Altai territory, went tragically died in a car accident. It happened August 7, 2005, when he went to the anniversary to his fellow countryman, the cosmonaut German Titov. With humorist in that car were three men – a driver, a bodyguard and wife Galina. All, except his wife, died almost instantly. And she’s lying in intensive care, where Evdokimov and learned: her Misha was having Affairs and two illegitimate children – a teenage daughter and infant son

“I was in intensive care for almost a month. Managed to cry. Of course I did not watch TV. Briefly I was told the situation. A lot of what they say, they say I knew. But I didn’t,” recalls Galina now.
Любовница Михаила Евдокимова оправдалась за многолетнюю связь с ним

For many years Evdokimov lived for two families. Almost thirty years ago, when Mikhail Gorbachev has become a popular actor, he met his countrywoman, sister of his classmate, Hope Zarkovo. The woman was then married, but are unable to resist the charm of dancing. Michael did Hope his dresser, took off for her apartment.

Любовница Михаила Евдокимова оправдалась за многолетнюю связь с ним“It was such a blast that it was hard. When I realized that my mother, realized that I lived before, more will not live. But I didn’t understand what was happening, didn’t know what to do,” says mistress Evdokimova.

Mikhail Yevdokimov told the mistress of that family, his wife, daughter Anna, never give up, and Hope took the rules of the game. But despite this, Gorbachev wanted more children. And not waiting for a second child in the marriage, persuaded Zarkovo give birth.

Любовница Михаила Евдокимова оправдалась за многолетнюю связь с ним“He immediately said, “we’re supposed to be a baby.” Seven years I resisted, or rather, not solved. And after seven years decided – born daughter. Will come sometimes, looks at her and says – well it is necessary evdokimovskogo of the nation, I wanted you were like, the same miniature,” – said Nadezhda Zharkova.

Now their common daughter Anastasia 21 years old. Ex-girlfriend and his heir to live in the house dancing on the ruble, which Nadezhda Zharkova sued after the death of the artist. Ex-mistress has no regrets. Moreover, now she recognizes that Evdokimov still loved his wife.

“We had agreements on the shore. He said, “I was brought up that the family will not leave.” I knew that he loves me. And I saw and felt. I had enough of this. Of course, he and Galina loved”, – said Nadezhda.

Evdokimova have had another lover – model, little black girl Inna Belova. Shortly before his death, she bore him a son, who was named Danilo, he is now studying in the cadet school. Now the woman is on maternity leave and to communicate with the press refused. However, with the widow Evdokimova Galina Inna maintains relationships. As for Hope Zharkova, the legitimate wife of the actor is not holding that against her.

“I certainly not thought it could be. But as it happened, I accepted the situation,” said now a widow Evdokimova Galina.

Mikhail Yevdokimov died when he was only 47 years old. Friends and relatives believe that he did not. Including to understand his personal life. He was going to tear a love polygon. And friends assured now that someone to choose from Mikhail Gorbachev – no doubt. “Nurse, he’s called Gale a nurse, she was everything to him,” say friends.

Three women Mikhail Evdokimov