Mistress Nemtsov is struggling with nightmares of the psychiatrist

Любовница Немцова борется с кошмарами у психиатра Model Anna Duritskaya can not forget the day of the assassination policy. She was there with him the last moments of his life. The girl now lives in Kiev, where under the supervision of physicians.

      Любовница Немцова борется с кошмарами у психиатра

      On February 28 last year, the entire country was rocked by terrible news – in the center of Moscow was shot by a well-known politician Boris Nemtsov. He, along with a young model Anna Duritskaya was walking across a bridge from the Basil in the direction of Bolotnaya square. Unknown shot a man six times, but Nemtsov was shot with four bullets, which became fatal for him.

      Witness the last moments of life policy Anna Duritskaya still can not forget that terrible moment. Now mistress Nemtsov returned to his native Kiev and observed by a psychiatrist. Experts are trying to return the model to normal life.

      “Anna is really all very bad mental health. Faintest memory of Boris Nemtsov — and she becomes hysterical,” says state chosen policy is close family.

      Family is very worried about Anna – the girl was in a severe depression and could even kill herself. Nemtsov murder she can remember in great detail.

      “Going half of the bridge, I heard a pop. Thought underfoot to explode firecrackers. Then I saw that he was falling, and after five or six shots understand what happened. From this place, quickly left the car light silver color,” said friend policy.

      Personal driver Nemtsov Dmitry Petukhov told me that the day of the murder Nemtsov was in a good mood. In the morning they took Duricko from the airport. “I brought them to Malaya Ordynka, 3. There they stayed until the evening. Then Boris walked into the office of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, and Duricko asked to take on Pyatnitskaya street,” said the man, noting that he then threw the head to the Gum where he had a meeting with the beloved.

      As reported by Duritskaya’s mother in conversation with the journalists Life, her daughter will never go to Russia. She believes that she will not be able to cope with a constant reminder of what happened on that fateful day. According to the woman, that is why her daughter refused to come to Moscow to court as a witness of the murder. Children of Boris Nemtsov learn to live without a father