Любовница Ильи Яббарова доказала его измену беременной невесте Recently it became known that Ilya Yabbarov changes Alena Rapunzel, who is expecting his child. After learning about the infidelity of her boyfriend, the girl was in the hospital, but didn’t want to believe the stories of “adulterer’s”. Today, however, the former participant of “House-2” Daria Senkova presented new evidence – the correspondence with Ilya.
Любовница Ильи Яббарова доказала его измену беременной невесте

Like thunder in a clear sky sounded news about the infidelities of Elijah Jabbarova. The reality show participant and have not always been faithful to their women, but Alena Rapunzel was hoping with her man realized past mistakes. Three illegitimate children of Elijah grow up without a father and, apparently, heir Alena will meet the same fate.

The former heroine of “House-2” Daria Senkova admitted that Yabbarov for a long time cheated on her with his pregnant girlfriend. As evidence Dasha has provided correspondence with Ilya, which leaves no doubt.

“The family Rapunzel sided with Elijah, as he felt that the bread freestuff goes out of their hands. If you break up – the story is finished and the fence. I got what I wanted – Ilya did, but I did not understand what was in his life,” admitted Daria.
Любовница Ильи Яббарова доказала его измену беременной невесте

Despite the fact that Darya knew about the relationship of Elijah and Alena, she did not deny yourself in communication with a young man – sent him intimate photos and in every possible way warmed up interest to yourself. Osencova States that did not seek to lead the choice, though, and blames himself for communion with him. However, she told Rapunzel that communicates with the father of her unborn child.

“I don’t want to be deceived and so I told Alena. Yabbarov I quickly unlocked when he learned the whole rigmarole and invented stories, they say I’m a dreamer. Yes, Ilya, you and I are not a couple. I’m not making excuses, I call simply the truth. And Yabbarov just beautifully said and I, like many, love the ears and fell for his tricks, I regret now. Man thinks narrowly and only project. He doesn’t need a child and Alena” – shared thoughts Osencova.

Любовница Ильи Яббарова доказала его измену беременной невесте

Ilya, it seems, don’t mind the conflict with his love triangle. The man has admitted that he is ready to accept even the most scandalous reputation only for the fact that it was often the viewers.

Harder was given the cheating boyfriend Alena Rapunzel – pregnant girl struggling to cope with the emotions and hopes that it will not affect the health of her baby.

“In this world I appreciate only loyalty. Without it you’re nobody and you have no one. In life, it is the only currency that will never depreciate,” admitted the girl.