Возлюбленная Александра Гобозова обвинила его в алкоголизме Ivan Dilov sure he is suffering from this addiction. Alexander Gobozov is now in the Seychelles, where he is actively trying to build relations with other participants of the project “Dom-2”. However, his ex-girl is sure that the man you first need to overcome the habit.

A few weeks ago Alexander Gobozov once again returned to the “House-2”. After the fascination with Catherine the man decided to build a relationship with a charming brunette Ivana Delovoy. He was recognized as the beloved in love and said that he was ready to go back to the altar.

Soon, however, the loving relationship difficulties. Recently, Ivan and even stated that she broke up with Alexander. According to the girl, it happened because of his excessive tenderness.

“In the frontal we had a fight and broke up, and it was decided to send to the Island to test our relationship. And he started hitting on other women: Karina, Margo, Vika. And that’s all! Me from him completely turned,” said Dileva.

Besides, the girl was confused Alexander addiction to alcohol. According to Ivana, at the time of the arrival of “House-2” Gobozov argued that not drinking for a year. Dilov believes that her ex-man will never refuse from harmful habits. Moreover, over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to control this addiction.

“He drinks a lot. To drink he never stopped. He told me that because of me began. But in real life he often drank. I didn’t know that! And now just found out that it is two weeks before the project was drinking,” said the girl.

In her opinion, Alexander did not succeed to build a normal relationship as long as he does not refuse from bad habits. By the way, the former wife of the man Aliana Gobozova also spoke about his addiction. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has even described the problem among the reasons for their constant bickering.

Alexander himself has not commented on the words of Ivana. After a quarrel with the chosen one the man has posted a touching Instagram post, noting that the girl he cares about. However, after arriving in the Seychelles, Gobozov became less likely to mention Delovo. He quickly became interested in other participating States.

The theme of alcohol dependence Alexander repeatedly discussed by his fans. In their opinion, the problems with alcohol can one explain the constant mood swings Gobozova and increased aggression. However, the man himself always flatly denied the presence of such dependencies

Communicating with portal “Дом2Life” Ivan Dilov admitted that he wants to find new love. However, while the girl no one likes. Many fans hope the pair will manage to overcome their differences and save the relationship.