Missing former participant “Houses-2” Maria Politova was found dead

Пропавшая экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Политова была найдена мертвой According to journalists, the body of a young woman found in the Moscow region. She died a few days ago. Before close of Maria Natalia Politov said she was in a state of severe depression and was taking medication.
Пропавшая экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Политова была найдена мертвой

Wednesday, December 13, in the media appeared information that the 30-year-old former participant “Houses-2” Maria Politova died. According to journalists, she passed away a few days ago. The body of Natalia Politov was found in a country house, located in Shchelkovo area of Moscow region. She was found by a passer-by.

According to some, she could have died as a result of poisoning by tablets. Forgotten participants “House-2”: what is remembered and where are they now

A law enforcement source told reporters that earlier, Maria tried several times to commit suicide.

Maria Politova has gone missing on 4 December. This was announced by common-law husband ex-member of telestroke Artem Shnurov. He said that Mary suffered from bipolar disorder and was depressed, so was taking potent drugs. When Politova left the house, located on the Krutitskaja embankment in Moscow, she took drugs with him. Shnurov did not hide that is very concerned with the fate of Natalia Politov. “Forecasts are the worst,” said Artem.

Shnurov went to the police with a statement about the disappearance of the beloved one. To search also joined the volunteers of public organization “Lisa Alert”. Volunteers have been searching for Natalia Politov for several days. Fans of telestroke expressed concern about the status of Mary and shared their predictions of where it might go.

According to one version, Politova allegedly wanted to go on a date with a former lover, who is serving a sentence in a penal colony in the Murmansk region. However, the friends of a young woman denied allegations that she was found.

Maria Politova was on the project “Dom-2” several times – January-February 2006, then from June to September 2007 and from 4 to 24 June 2010.

Пропавшая экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Политова была найдена мертвой

During his stay in the reality show the young woman often showed itself in an unexpected way. Politova surprised the audience and other participants, strange antics. So, she periodically fell into a state, which is described as a “musical trance.” Mary supported Stepan Menschikov, while Andrei Alexandrov, on the contrary, urged her to return to the perimeter. He walked with a sign: “Out of the project.” However, Politova tried not to react to provocations from other participants of the reality show.

We know that Mary worked as a journalist and model, and also attended a course in make-up. Some time ago Natalia Politov was problems with excess weight: she gained about 28 pounds, but in a relatively short time returned to its former shape.

In preparing the article used materials Telegram-channel Mash and the Agency “Moscow”.