Без вести пропавший диджей из Уфы мог покончить с собой A few days friends of the DJ were looking for him all over Moscow. Today, the body of Timur Vagapov was found. The cause of death is established. However, according to one version, he was able to commit suicide.
Без вести пропавший диджей из Уфы мог покончить с собой

On the death of Tagir Vagapov told friends in social networks — the body of DJ is found in the red October a few days ago. According to preliminary data, he was able to commit suicide.

Now law enforcement agencies and friends of the artist trying to track down witnesses who saw him shortly before his death, to establish the true causes of his death.

“Taher is no longer with us. The circumstances of his death on the outskirts of the red October remains to be seen. If anyone saw him at least briefly, please advise. Any information would be extremely useful. Tagir was buried in Ufa, a farewell will be held in Moscow on 19 July,” — said a familiar Vagapova.

Former colleagues of the musician noted that in the capital he lived a difficult life — the DJ had no money and often had conflicts at work.

“He never had money, recognition, and best Dating ran away from him as he realized what an insane hit box. A man with a kind smile, his DJ sets was as rabid a book of the warlock, which can not stop myself to turn the pages. Each time, agreeing to his DJ set, I cursed the moment when I gave up the slack. It was only in my memory DJ, who at first wanted to ask the name of all the tracks and in a minute, immediately, to expel from the console,” recalls one of his colleagues of the deceased.

Tahir hails from Ufa. After moving to Moscow, guy began his career as a journalist — wrote for Billboard, RBC and The Village.

Ten years ago Vagapov founded the radio station Weird Radio waves which acquainted the audience with the news of alternative music. Despite the variety of activities means for comfortable existence of the DJ is still not enough. He was moonlighting in clubs. According to friends, Tagir always seemed a bit strange, and the only music was his only sense. He sincerely believed that love of music can change everything, and you can dance forever.

However, even this is love did not save him from a fatal step. The investigation is only to work out the cause of death of Tahir, but those who knew him, for some reason, no doubt — he decided to end his life.