Пропавшая дочь Маши Распутиной объявилась у матери Apparently, Lidiya Ermakova’s all right. As it turned out, the young woman had ceased to take up, which caused concern for her brother. Worrying about the relative, a man began to call friends to find out where she might be.
Пропавшая дочь Маши Распутиной объявилась у матери

In early March, the press released information that disappeared the eldest daughter Masha Rasputina Lidiya Ermakova. It was reported that a young woman does not communicate with relatives. Heiress of the singer was looking for brother Alexey Ermakov. The man was very concerned that Lydia is in no hurry to claim rights to an apartment in Moscow, owned by his father.

Reports of the disappearance of the eldest daughter Rasputina is not a joke alarmed the public. The Network began to build a theory about where could be lost Lydia. After some time, the heiress stars finally found. As told by a friend of Vladimir Ermakov artist Olga Munchausen, Lydia’s cell phone was turned off, so close and sounded the alarm. At the moment she’s all right.

“Victor evstafievich said she was my mother. We all calmed down. And brother just like human beings was worried because she had not filed the statement,” said Munchausen.
Пропавшая дочь Маши Распутиной объявилась у матери

Previously the husband of singer Victor Zakharov urged the public not to believe rumours on the Network. Herself Masha Rasputina prefers not to comment about her eldest daughter Lydia. The artist began to communicate with the successor in 2016. Star gladly took him home with Lydia, despite the fact that they had serious difficulties in understanding. Once Ermakova told various stories about his mother, not all of which was pleasant.

Now Rasputin is trying to help Lydia. In October last year, a young woman thanked the mother for the support in the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. According to Ermakova, Maria and her husband Victor evstafievich never quit. “They forgave me when I repented all over the country, adopted into his family. Mom, Victor evstafievich, their children, I am very grateful, I love them very much,” – said Lydia in a video shown in the broadcast.

Those 12 years old Masha Rasputin could not establish a relationship with her daughter, she worried and worried for the future of Lydia. “Very hard and painful when you Wake up in the night, drenched in hot sweat. Heart pounding, because the soul no rest, when mother and the person lost in their thoughts and actions,” said the celebrity. The artist required a lot of fortitude to survive in such a difficult period. Mary prayed constantly and asked God to return the older heiress.