Промахнулась: грудь Волочковой убежала из бикини

Ballerina wanted once again to demonstrate the stretching and accidentally goof it up.

Fans have become accustomed: Nastia every day, new string, only the background changes. Signature look Volochkova’t perfect, but as they say, and the old woman is proruha. Anastasia village the splits and accidentally showed a bare chest!

Embarrassing ballerina noticed her subscribers. They wrote that she should pay attention to the left breast, which, in part, “left” bikini top.

But Anastasia did not respond. The where the star shows a banner on the boat and at the same time shows his chest, and remained on her page.

Knowing that Volochkova reads the comments, fans speculated that perhaps this lapse is not accidental.

“Probably because it was conceived, and do respect Cindy for your hard work and love for life, all of us, she has to learn to see the good and beautiful everywhere!” – wrote one of the fans.

Another suggested that Volochkova again confused about his and her closet and grabbed a bathing suit Arise.

And whether still will be! Ballerina same a couple of days ago, I arrived on rest to Greece, and during that time only twice has demonstrated his stretching.

If she will remain on vacation for a week or two, it is felt that we will see.

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