Мисс Вселенная – 2016 борется, чтобы провести этот конкурс в России

On 29 July in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, USA) ended the contest Mrs. and Ms. Universal. The title of “Miss universe” was received by the lawyer from Moscow Christina Mishchenko. This means that, in 2017, the international beauty contest for the first time held in Russia.

— The competition had two winners, ” said Woman’s Day Christina Mishchenko. — I’m a miss universe from Russia and Estralita Petersen – miss universe from Namibia. Each of us received the right to conduct a “Mrs. and Ms. Universal 2017” in their country. Through December of this year Estralita and I have to give the organizers their plans for the competition to offer the hall where there will be a show and a hotel, where they will live girls, solve the problems of food, tours and the organization of free time of participants to find choreographers and sponsors, consider an advertising campaign. The organizers will compare the options and decide which country will host the competition. If you choose Namibia in November 2017 I will go to Africa, at the ceremony to pass the crown a new miss universe. If I win my plan, the contest will be held in Moscow in September 2017. However, the Americans fear that this time it will be cold, but I was assured that the first month of autumn here is warm and comfortable.

Unlike the competition “Miss Russia” in which have the right to take part only unmarried and has no children and girls up to 27 years in Ms. Universal on stage can come out and young moms, unmarried.

My son Mark in September will mark 9 years, admitted to Woman’s Day miss universe Christina Mishchenko, and I, frankly, repeatedly clashed with the organizers of the competitions, if the child I was not allowed to go on stage, though I recovered quickly after the birth and was always in good shape. I believe that children’s happiness and pride for women, and I resent it when someone treats it as an obstacle. So for me it is very significant to organize and conduct the competition Ms. Universal, which will be attended by girls who have children.

Christina believes that the beauty contest is very important not only everything is well-organized, create a pleasant atmosphere for the audience and the jury, but also to give the girls beautiful flowers and gifts.

— I participated in many competitions, ” says miss universe – some were so poorly organized that even the beautiful colors we gave, not what gifts. And here in America I in addition to stunningly beautiful crown and ribbon of the winner was presented with jewelry, and cosmetics, and lovely presents, among which the graceful statuette engraved with “Ms. Universal 2016”. Now the organizers are doing me an exclusive shoes of my chosen model. They are in my size and with my initials, lined with rhinestones.

— I am very grateful to the Director Mrs. and Ms. Universal Victoria (Tori Beeson) and all the organizers for the occasion they gave the participants and spectators, and will try to make our national competition (I believe that it will be held in Moscow is not worse and even better. I’ll try to think of everything, so the organizers decided to hold it in Russia, it will be the first time.

Only the fact

The contest “Miss universe” in our country has never been conducted, although the winner of the main beauty contest in 2002 was a postgraduate student of Saint-Petersburg University of MIA of Russia, miss Russia 2001 Oxana Fedorova. But she refused the title – preparing for the dissertation defense on the theme “Civil-law regulation of private detective and security activity in Russia.”

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