Sabi Miss выпустила дерзкий клип
Popular rap singer Sabi Miss unveiled a new video for the track “Stupid rap”.

Sabi Miss выпустила дерзкий клип

Sabi Miss already well known for his daring and explosive angerami. Sabi debut music video for the track “Slap” garnered nearly 5 million views on YouTube and her new video promises to break this achievement.

A new job Miss Sabi is built on irony and you’ll be her usual impertinence Luxury car, striking visuals, plenty of pathos and show-off is just not enough. It is impossible not to pay attention to bright images, which Sabi Miss shows in the clip.

As for the track, the singer sets new rules and challenges all artists new rap it’s time for new original tracks, and most importantly for texts with meaning.

— You’re mother’s boy, room type. And all you can other people’s hands on the track now to issue their.

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