“Miss Russia” from Dagestan responded to the harsh allegations

«Мисс Россия» от Дагестана ответила на резкие обвинения Contender for the title of most beautiful girl of Russia are faced with a lack of understanding of the citizens of Dagestan due to the fact that sent to the contest, candid photos. However, Albina Ildarovna correctly responded to the criticism and responded offenders.

    «Мисс Россия» от Дагестана ответила на резкие обвинения

    The girl from Dagestan Albina Ildarovna represents the Republic at the contest “Miss Russia-2016”. Under the rules, all contestants had to submit their photos in lingerie for the questionnaire on the website. Albina also have sent personnel, which has caused a wide resonance among the inhabitants of Dagestan. Since in the Republic the majority of residents are Muslims, such exposure of women is considered impermissible.

    First, the girl pounced with disgruntled comments on social networks. “What a world. These daughters have buried alive”, “do You want to humiliate the Caucasus and its culture? Oh the shame the shame!”, said the outraged residents of Dagestan.

    However, there were also those who supported the contestant. “You are very beautiful. Pay no attention to the attacks”, “I Wish you good mood and good luck in the beauty contest”, “the Pride of the Caucasus. Our favorite! We nearby, we together with you!”, wrote the admirers of bright Caucasian girls.

    Albina urged herself not to focus on her photos in a swimsuit. “I first read the criticism in the comments, because we were worried. I care about the opinion of my countrymen. But we should not forget that in our Republic have always loved to discuss other regardless of the situation. On this my parents said, “We gave you permission, and if someone has questions, let them come to us”. I love my homeland, but no one for me did nothing, as did my family,” the girl shared with reporters.

    Ildarova noted that critics should look to the behaviour of other young people in her native region. “I think the people of Dagestan know what is going on in the evening in various venues, and dress the girls. So if they want to reach me, let them bring order in the Republic”, – said Albina in an interview with Lifenews.

    By the way, at the moment Albina is studying in the graduate school at the University MIREA. The girl is not deprived of the talents: in her free time she writes poetry and sings. In childhood the daughter of a coach in kickboxing Magomedrasul Ildarova and double European champion in kickboxing Ulyana Yusifova was studying in art school, where she was highly praised. According to the data in its competitive form, beauty also enjoys cooking, loves fitness and travel.

    Video published Ildarova Albina (@ildarova_albina) 3 APR 2016 11:50 PDT

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