“Miss Russia-2018” has become a student of the Chuvash Republic

«Мисс Россия-2018» стала отличница из Чувашии Dmitry Malikov, Igor Chapurin, Vladimir Matetskiy and other famous people chose the most beautiful girl of the country. It became 18-the summer student of the Chuvash Republic Julia Palakihin.

The final of one of the most prestigious beauty contest “Miss Russia-2018” was held Saturday night in Barvikha. For the crown and title of beauty Queen fought 51 one beauty of different parts of the country, who were selected from more than 75 thousand girls.

Hours colorful show has ended happily for Julia Poschechinu – she became “Miss Russia-2018”. Along with the title, which she will wear for a year, 18-year-old student from the Republic of Chuvashia, received the crown from white gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls, and three million rubles and Hyundai.

Taking the crown from the winner of last year Polina Popova, a new beauty Queen Julia Palakihin, did not shed a single tear, as is often the case. The girl is used to winning. Two years ago she received the prestigious title in his native country “Miss Chuvashia”. So I just thanked.

“I’m extremely happy can’t even describe in words,” said “Miss Russia-2018”.

A beauty Queen 2018 – 18 years. She is studying at Chuvash state University faculty of journalism. Julia is an excellent student, she graduated with a gold medal, certificate beauty school. Poschechina many years engaged in the sport – she even was part of the team of the Chuvash Republic on aerobic fitness. Likes to play badminton, read Daniel Keyes and watching movies with Matt Damon.

1st runner-up was Violetta Tyurkin from Belgorod, the title of the 2nd Vice-miss went to Natalia and Drill of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Girls in addition to appropriate Coron received a valuable prize – grants for studying at any higher education of the country. Interestingly, Violetta Tyurkin is studying abroad in Spain she is studying business management, is fluent in Spanish and English, likes to snowboard and surf.

Natalya Stroeva, the 2nd Vice-miss, last year became the winner of the regional competition and got a title “Miss of the Republic of Sakha”. The girl is 18, and she dreams of becoming a plastic surgeon.

The opinion of the audience who voted for beauties by SMS, do not coincide with the opinion of the distinguished jury, the sympathy of the people went to Morganne Mongush from Tuva.