Miss Russia 2017 Polina Popova offended if it is not criticize

Мисс Россия 2017 Полина Попова обижается, если ее не критикуют 21-year-old beauty has shared with “StarHit” the experience of participation in the contest. The girl told the conditions in which lived the contenders for the coveted crown and that she had to endure.

Ekaterinburg rejoices – 21-year-old native of the city Polina Popova won the contest “Miss Russia 2017”. Head beauty wearing a diamond-encrusted crown made of white gold, and presented the prize of 3 million rubles.

“For me it is not important, – says Polina “StarHit”. – I work with 15 years, so do not need the money. Likely to give them to the orphanage or hospital – they will definitely come in handy.

A month before the competition we were forbidden to leave the house without protection – I and 49 of the contestants lived in a country hotel, prepared. Even parents have not seen! Of course, it was not easy, all the ladies with character have happened quarrel. But I’m a considerate person, to find approach to different people, so even in the conflict did not enter.

We were fed food cooked in steam, so we never did. For me it wasn’t something out of the ordinary – I have six years eat. Some contestants complained that they want fried potatoes… the Night before finals was certainly the heaviest so nervous and barely slept. And then the morning came, and everything began to swim – to survive it once.

Well, that parents were not at the presentation – I would be more nervous for them than for himself. But of course, they congratulated me the first – called. And then showered with messages in social networks – someone was happy for me, someone wrote that I was not worthy of the crown. Sorry I do not have time to answer – there’s no time. But I accept and kind words, and criticism. I think if it is not – it is somehow normal. I would even hurt, if I hadn’t abused”.