“Miss Russia 2016” most expensive crown in the history of the competition

У «Мисс Россия 2016» самая дорогая корона в истории конкурса

18-year-old Yana Dobrovolskaya will take home the crown and the right to call yourself the most beautiful girl of the country.

Yana Dobrovolskaya – brunette with a wide smile – very quickly accustomed to the role of the winner. The camera was removed, and she was in command of the first Vice-miss Julian Korolkova from Orenburg and second Vice-miss Julia from Kirov Horoshavina how to stand and look at the camera.

Yana seems to be one of those girls, whom they say “clever, beautiful”. To begin with, that she’s a choreographer, and yet, as noted by her friends, is a lively, constantly in motion. Just lie on the beach – not her. If you stay, then only active. However, she speaks fluent English, reads a lot and is studying child psychology. Nothing set, right?

The main award Jana for winning the “Miss Russia-2016” was, of course, the crown. According to estimates, this is the most expensive jewelry in the history of the competition. It is made of white gold and diamonds with pearls and worth more than a million dollars! But the crown in a year will need to return, but the prize of three million rubles and a car from Dobrovolskaya will remain.

Besides, now she has to participate in international beauty contests “Miss world” and “Miss Vselennaya”.

For the prestigious title of the first beauty of the country in 2016 fought 50 girls from different cities of Russia. But in the final 12 contestants – for the total number of Zodiac signs.

Since this year is the anniversary date since the day Yuri Gagarin first flew into space, and the competition organizers have dedicated space issues. And it concerned not only the decoration, but also the questions asked to the participants. Choosing the best jury, which included Oksana Fedorova, Arkady Novikov, Laysan utiasheva, Ksenia Suhinova and Joseph Prigogine.

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