Мишулина вспомнила о противостоянии с Еремеевым на празднике друзей The actress can not escape from thinking about the conflict. Karina Mishulina were invited to a birthday Irina Amanti, which hosted the presentation of the new album Vadim Kazachenko. There she met her lawyer, who also protects the interests of the musician. Apparently, it was inspired by her thoughts about Timur Eremeeva.

May 21, producer Irina Amanti celebrated his birthday. She gathered her closest friends and the press in order to mark the occasion. Among the guests was the Karina Mishulina with her husband. Recently women have in common is that their interests are protected by one lawyer Valeriy Panasiuk. Besides, the last time the history of life Amanti and of Mishulin become the focus of attention. Spouse Irina Vadim Kazachenko cannot come to a peaceful solution of the situation with the mother of his child Olga. Daughter Spartaka Mishulina, in turn, is also a frequent heroine of numerous talk shows where she discusses the issue of the illegitimate son of her father Timur Yeremeyev. Even at the feast of the actress can not escape from thinking about your opponent. The actress published a video, which showed a genuine joy.

“Until someone yesterday I removed another lie on national TV about us, and it rained, the mud and slandered, no, no it is not PR, we celebrated life at a birthday party Irisi Amanti and the presentation of the disc by Vadim Kazachenko! With the world’s best lawyer and the best husband in the world! And they may say,” wrote Karina, posted a video with holiday.

Vadim Kazachenko, in turn, prepared for the beloved woman a surprise – he was presented on stage the new album. The artist performed songs that still sounded from the stage. Many friends were in awe of the musician and gladly shared their impressions in social networks.

“Super holiday for my friends today gives Irina Amanti and Vadim Kazachenko! Ira Day is Jam. How many surprises! How many friends! And most importantly, Vadim today sings from his 10 new songs! Enter to start eye to Eye on the Internet – very beautiful song! And there are other “go”! Let fate saves this family! Love you!” – wrote as a congratulations friend Vladimir Brilev.

Apparently, the guests were satisfied by Irina and Vadim holiday. During a speech Kazachenko Amanti couldn’t take his eyes off him.