Miroslava Karpovich supported business moms

Мирослава Карпович поддержала бизнес мамы The star of the show “Daddy’s girls” will present in Moscow the family collection of jewelry. Business mother of the actress Larissa anatolevny so fascinating to her that she is also engaged in creativity. Sincerely Miroslava likes to create jewelry.

      Мирослава Карпович поддержала бизнес мамы

      In the capital of TVK “Tishinka” from October 20 to 23 will host a major exhibition-fair “Atmosphere of creativity”, in which celebrities will present their crafts. One of the stars who took part in the event, was 30-year-old actress Miroslava Karpovich. Star “Daddy’s daughters” and her mom made by hand fine jewelry. The idea of creating jewelry owned by the mother of Miroslava. Daughter was happy to support her endeavor, and then she was drawn into the case of Larissa anatolevny. The actress says that she just loves to create.

      Internet users, by which the family Karpovich disseminates information about their jewelry, appreciated their rodelli appreciated. According to Miroslava, the jewelry is bought not only in Russia but also abroad. Once her turned from Los Angeles, said the actress.

      Collection of Miroslava and her mother, which will be presented at the exhibition, called “my mother’s daughter,” said the actress.

      “My mother is an amazing person who supports me always and everywhere! In turn I supported her passion for jewelry making. In our family Gypsy blood, we always loved jewelry, but it was difficult for us to please. This prompted the mother to begin to create itself, she is very talented and wise person, and her work was immediately a success! I was so inspired by this theme that make during the most active part”, – said Miroslava Karpovich.

      In addition to the stars of “Papa’s daughters”, their crafts at the fair also will present Cornelia Mango, Ilya Safonov and the former participant of group “Propaganda” Maria Bukatar and other participants. To see and purchase their creations will be on special exhibit “Star hobby.”