Miroslava Karpovich discovered a family secret

Мирослава Карпович открыла семейную тайну
The actress along with her mother is a profitable business.

Мирослава Карпович открыла семейную тайну

Miroslava Karpovich.

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Мирослава Карпович открыла семейную тайну

Miroslava Karpovich discovered a family secret. It turns out that the actress
with his mother have turned their joint passion into a profitable business. Miroslav
mom creates original jewelry hand-made and sell them through social

This became known during the preparation of the international exhibition and sale “Atmosphere
Creativity”, which will be held at “Tishinka” from 20 to 23 October.

“His collection at the show, I gave the name “mother’s daughter” — shared
with 7days.ru the star of the show “Daddy’s
daughter.” — My mom is an amazing person who supports me always and
in all! In turn I supported her passion for jewelry making.
In our family Gypsy blood, we always loved jewelry, but we
it was difficult to please. This prompted the mother to begin to create itself, it
very talented and wise person, and her work was immediately a success!
I was so inspired by this theme that make during the
active participation. Our jewelry buy even in Los Angeles.”

Presentation of the project “Star hobby” will be held on the opening day of the exhibition, 20 October at the “Tishinka” at 15.00. Their collections at the booth will present Miroslava Karpovich, singer Bucataru, Safronov Brothers and other participants. Illusionists Safronov Brothers will also showcase a special series of illusions and magic tricks in a nautical theme, because the sea is the main theme of the autumn exhibition.