Мирослава Дума открыто заговорила о третьей беременности The capital’s it-girl will soon become a mother. Miroslava Duma, until the last moment to hide his interesting position, showed a photo, which is clearly visible on her rounded tummy. Russian style icon receiving congratulations on the upcoming addition to the family.

The capital’s it-girl, 32-year-old Miroslava Duma, ceased to hide the pregnancy. Until recently, avoided questions on this subject, the Russian style icon was placed in the microblog picture that leaves no doubt – she is expecting a baby.

Miroslava quite a long time managed to keep secret an interesting situation, and only now, when everything has become very obvious to others, she decided to reveal the secret. Apparently, the baby in the family of Miroslava Duma and her husband, businessman Alexei Mikheyev, will appear this summer. Obviously, pregnancy Miroslava Duma carries easily. Expectant mother leads an active and rich social life. So, these days it is the capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, where the day before opened a prestigious fashion summit,

For participation from all corners of the world gathered more than a thousand people, among whom the most famous people in the fashion industry. Miroslava Duma was one of the speakers at this event. A photo from the summit of Miroslav and shared in the microblog. Next to her captured Princess Mary of Denmark and fashion critic and fashion Director at New York Times Eva Cruz, which is also in happy anticipation of the baby.

“Princess Mary of Denmark between the four of us,” commented a photo of Miroslava Duma.

Friends, acquaintances and fans of the star immediately began to congratulate her on the upcoming replenishment of the family. “Mirochka, congratulations!”, “You look amazing! Congratulations, Miroslava!”, “What are you a huge well done! Your achievements are impressive. Happy for you!”, “Wow! What happiness! Congratulations,” – responded to a report about a pregnant Miroslava Duma followers.

It is worth noting that a newborn baby will be the third child of the couple, who already raises six-year-old son George and daughter Anna. Girl two and a half years. Miroslava Duma and her husband protect privacy from prying eyes. In the microblog of a young woman with a lot of pictures from the red carpet fashion from any point of the globe. But his family Duma guards as the Apple of his eye. Miroslava Duma showed the grown children

Miroslav only occasionally allows himself to publish pictures of children, trying to choose such angles to the faces of the kids was not visible. For example, the first photo of the daughter of the famous mother published a few days after birth. In the picture was depicted a little girl’s heels. Photo of the eldest son goshi several times appeared in the microblog star, but the boy was always photographed from behind.