Miroslava Duma became a mother for the third time

Мирослава Дума стала мамой в третий раз
32-year-old Miroslava Duma concealed his interesting position to the last, trying not to draw the attention of the public.

Мирослава Дума стала мамой в третий раз

But the woman decided to share with the subscribers of the good news. Lyudmila was born the third child. You know it’s a girl, but not yet reported what name chosen for the successor Miroslav, and her husband, businessman Alexei Mikheyev.

Мирослава Дума стала мамой в третий раз

In his Instagram Duma posted a picture in which a young mother holding her little girl by the hand.

“Stay close, hold me tight and never let me go. You were born in the best time — age women, according to the UN. Welcome to this world my little girl,” the woman shared with followers.

Congratulations to Miroslav with the addition to the family!

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