Мирошниченко, Голубкина и Чурсина  поздравили москвичей с Пасхой
In Moscow started the festival “Easter gift”.

Мирошниченко, Голубкина и Чурсина  поздравили москвичей с Пасхой

Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

In the squares and streets of Moscow started
the next city festival “Easter gift”. For the first time this year he
got charitable status, so many funds have been able to tell
Muscovites on their activities. At the festival, Moscow was adorned with decorative
fabulous pavilions, intricate designs in the form of arches and compositions with
with live plants. A real gift for Muscovites and guests of the capital,
appeared on Easter Sunday on Manezh square became a meeting with
legendary actors of theatre and cinema, which was organized by the Charitable Fund
“The artist”.

To support the initiative of the Foundation in this holiday decided
well-known artists of the older generation. They had creative meetings. First
guests of the festival came actress Lyudmila Chursina. Despite coming
evening performance in the Theatre of the Russian Army, Lyudmila spent
a creative evening by telling the audience about filming the famous
partner, his theatrical works and amazing trips to film festivals and
special concerts.

Following the heroine of the theatre room was the actress Svetlana
Svetlichnaya. Waiting on the street near the pavilion of his appearance on the stage, she managed
to be photographed with more than a hundred guests of the festival and giving away dozens
autographs. Svetlana Afanasievna, as always, amazed the audience with her
elegant, but memorable way.

“I do all my hats make or remake herself — told
fans of the artist. — Like almost every new thing your wardrobe.”

Goodbye Svetlichnaya read the audience a letter of Tatiana Larina to
Onegin, explaining that all his life dreamed to play this role, but in his younger years
this opportunity never presented itself.

Also in the living room was made by Larisa Golubkina.

“Sometimes I regret what has become a dramatic actress, —
she shared. — That did not continue his musical career, I had
awesome teachers, especially Maria Petrovna Maksakova, head of the course
the faculty of musical Comedy of GITIS. But my low voice did not match my
external data, and work in the Comedy I don’t particularly like…”

Continued the festive program actors Vladimir Novikov and Nikolay
Dupak. Then to the delight of the audience appeared on the stage the audience’s favorite,
actress Irina Miroshnichenko, who performed five songs from your
repertoire, one of which was in French.

“My mother’s lifelong dream to visit Paris, told
viewers actress. — But realized her mother’s dream only I learned French and
visited this wonderful city… But today I want to tell you not to
witty, our favorite city, Moscow — is better!”

Goodbye Irina Petrovna has congratulated all gathered with

“Yesterday I was on a festive night service and saw in the Temple a lot
children. For me it was very gratifying, because for long years in the Soviet
we were deprived of the opportunity to learn the Orthodox faith… all of Us
Christ taught love, love for one’s neighbor. Wish you love!”

Recall that for ten years the Foundation “Artist” is
support of veterans of theatre and cinema, providing them with drugs and
specialized medical care, not to mention the gifts to all
the holidays and human attention. Established The Foundation “Artist” – Yevgeny Mironov,
Maria Mironova, Igor Vernik and Natalya Shaginyan-Needham.

Мирошниченко, Голубкина и Чурсина  поздравили москвичей с Пасхой

Lyudmila Chursina

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Irina Miroshnichenko

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event