Миранда Ламберт сказала мужу, «Ты человек который дарит мне звезды»

Миранда Ламберт сказала мужу, «Ты человек который дарит мне звезды»

Beautiful country music singer Miranda Lambert on his page on Instagram published a very warm joint photo with her husband Brandon Maklaflin his birthday.
35-year-old Miranda Lambert really knows how to find the right words. This ability was confirmed when country music singer and songwriter shared with her followers on Instagram a black-and-white photo with her husband Brandon Maklaflin, which wrote: “happy Birthday to the man who gives me stars and makes my eyes Shine.” It’s a cute family photo where Miranda and her husband broke with radiant smiles, she has published 14 Oct. Fans didn’t leave this photo without attention and just threw a couple of thousands of comments, where they were waited hundreds of compliments, cute emoticons and hearts.

Миранда Ламберт сказала мужу, «Ты человек который дарит мне звезды»Despite the fact that the message on the day of birth was super-charming, there is nothing normal for a country singer who loves to flash her beauty in social networks. It is known that Miranda has documented some of the most pleasant and even far more unpleasant everyday moments of her life with her husband. On September 29, the singer shot the whole video in Instagram, where Brandon helps her put on shoes before the concert when her pants were too tight! However, not all fans found this video cute, there were those who thought it was quite personal. As Brandon, an employee of the police Department of new York, which in the future could perform more duties than just help his wife to wear shoes.

The pair had considered the option that maybe Brandon will leave the ranks of police and in charge of security Miranda. However, this is still just a rumor. At the moment — it’s definitely a great option for them, as they will be able much more time
to spend with each other. In Brandon there is still time to resolve this issue.

It should be noted that the relationship in this pair is evolving like a whirlwind, very soon, in January, they will celebrate the first anniversary of the date of the wedding. Miranda was previously married to country singer Blake Shelton, 43 years (2011 to 2015). After a breakup with her first husband,
Miranda was in a relationship with Anderson East and Evan Felker, and then abruptly shocked his fans with the news of the secret marriage to Brandon. About a week later said on his page on Instagram. Well, let’s wait for her new publications
with stories about the sweet family life!

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