Miranda Kerr was accused of having links with the criminal business

Миранду Керр уличили в связях с криминальным бизнесом
Police confiscate the model her diamonds

Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr got into a very
unpleasant situation. Miranda, who recently became the lawful wife
billionaire Evan Spiegel, was accused of contacts with currently
under investigation for money laundering by businessman Joe Lowe.

During the investigation, police
managed to establish that Miranda regularly received from Joe expensive
gifts. So, in 2014, on Valentine’s Day, he presented her with a rare
diamond in 11, 72 carats, faceted in the shape of a heart. He later gave her and
other jewelry — pendant
diamonds valued at $ 4.5 million, as well as necklace, earrings and bracelet inlaid
diamonds with a total weight of 9 carats, reports contactmusic.com.

Obviously, Joe spent his
money trying to win the favor of Kerr. She took the jewels
however desired a generous giver never received. The spicy in this
situation is that Miranda received gifts from trying to “buy” her businessman
after beginning to meet with Spiegel. And Evan hardly knew who
gives his beloved diamonds. How did he react on that information
it is still unknown.

However, the most unpleasant in this
story is that was bought jewelry on the “dirty” money, so
now diamonds will be confiscated. Joe Lowe, whose real name is Lou Taek
Joe was a key member of the scheme for “laundering” huge amounts – 4,
5 billion dollars stolen from the budget of Malaysia by corrupt
officials. And the money he attempted to launder by investing them in
film industry.

In the near future in Hollywood
apparently, there will be a huge scandal. Indeed, among those who had any contact with
Lou — a lot of stars of the first magnitude. One of the first celebrities caught
contact Joe, was Leonardo DiCaprio. As previously reported, DiCaprio already
had to return all the gifts made to him by the production company Red Granit Production, through which the acted Joe.

Recall that the Red Granit Production financed one of the movies of Leo — “the Wolf
with wall Street”. And, in gratitude for the cooperation of the actor showered expensive
gifts. Among them was a collector’s “Oscar”, once received by Marlon
Brando and Pablo Picasso, valued at $ 3.2 million. Leo has returned
The Ministry of Justice received from Lowe gifts. DiCaprio, who was not only a star, but
as a producer on “Wolf,” claims that he knew nothing about the origin of money
that was filmed. However, many of the ignorance of Leo, seems doubtful.
However, the investigation, which still continues, is likely to bring clarity
in this issue.