Miranda Kerr revealed, when will be her wedding

Миранда Керр раскрыла, когда состоится ее свадьба
The model was first told about the details of his engagement to a billionaire.

Miranda Kerr Evan Spiegel


In an interview held
recently, the former wife of Orlando bloom — Miranda Kerr revealed the secret: when will be her marriage
with Evan Spiegel. The rumors about the upcoming
the wedding Kerr distributed in the Network for several months, but until recently
time, nothing was known for certain. Now the model said she will be
the lawful wife of their choice in the beginning of next year, and
admitted that just can’t wait for the day! This was announced by the publication contactmusic.com.

During the interview, Miranda,
also, for the first time revealed details of his engagement with Spiegel. “For me
his proposal was a complete surprise. Evan suddenly turned to me: “Remember,
this moment: I’m down on my knees
the first and last time in my life! And handed me the ring. And I’m so excited
that even just are unable to pull yourself together and answer him… But, of course, I
was over the moon with joy, I was just shaking with happiness!” — told

Miranda and Evan, as
which is estimated at two billion dollars, began Dating in the spring
2015, and Kerr described the engagement took place in July of this year. As told
the model, although her affair with Spiegel developed rapidly, she took the time to acquaint
his five year old son Flynn from
marriage to bloom. After the divorce, she signed with the Orlando agreement — none
of them to provide the boy with new partners earlier than six months
after the start of the relationship. Kerr and honestly fulfilled the agreement. But now she
very pleased with how well Spiegel is getting along with her son. “They love each other. And I
enjoy watching Evan playing with
Flynn!” admitted Miranda.

Not less happy and Kerr
how to fold her own relationship with the groom. “Although we grew up in
different conditions, we have a lot in common. We’re both homebodies and like to have
small friendly parties at home. And Evan really like the way I cook.
We both consider ourselves people
conservative, and we have the same ideas about loyalty, about what
must be family relationships. We respect each other, and when I need advice
I turn first to Evan!” — said Kerr.